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  2. Ralf Herrmann

    Delvard Serif

    A decade after Nikola Djurek drew Delvard, a collection of sans and display fonts, comes Delvard Serif, an eye-catching serif typeface in three optical sizes.
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  4. Riccardo Sartori

    AW Conqueror Sans

  5. Bmowery

    Looking for a Font used on Looka.com

    Thank you so much!
  6. Gizzmo

    Looking for a Font used on Looka.com

  7. I'm looking for this font used on Looka.com since they don't give you the font name. Just looking for either a link to the font or the name. Thanks so much!
  8. Riccardo Sartori

    Hernandez Bros

    By the way, for a moment I thought they were the other Hernandez brothers… 😅
  9. Riccardo Sartori

    Hernandez Bros

    “a modern Sans Serif” ??
  10. Ralf Herrmann

    Hernandez Bros

    The Hernández siblings, started a ping pong of drawings based on Bulfinch found in the 1912 ATF catalogue. From this exercise, Hernández Bros was designed, a modern Sans Serif, with 8 weights ranging from Extralight to Black.
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  12. Thank You all, guys!! Riccardo that's the one! Thanks again!
  13. A version of Park Avenue ☞ https://www.myfonts.com/search/park+avenue/
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  15. Anita


    Type family with reversed contrast.
  16. I need help identifying the font used in the image below for the name of this boat called “Sunday Money”. Thank you!
  17. That's it. I knew someone here would know it right away. Thanks!
  18. Hello everyone - I'm trying to identify this display face used in Avalon Hill Game Company's magazine The General. It was used from at least the early 1970s. These examples are all taken from Vol.10 #3, Sept-Oct, 1973. The face is open or outline in style, and its overall shape is very closely related to Times New Roman, which is the main face used in the text of the magazine. Searching and using various font identifiers has got me to several similar things, such as Cloister Open Face, Caslon Open Face, and RMU Narziss Regular, but none is exactly right. The lack of an opening in the terminals of S, the outward slanted serifs on T, the curved tops of lowercase ascenders, and the round dots with crescent openings for i and . are all characteristics that keep ruling out other faces that otherwise have similarities. It looks to me like someone took Times and did an open face influenced by Cloister. Anyway, does anyone have an idea? I'm providing snippets of all the instances of the face in Vol 10. #3 (including one italic/oblique version of it). You can find all issues of the magazine (I think) on archive.org here for more instances of the face. And this issue is here. I'd like to find the name and maybe a type sample of it. If it exists digitally that would be great too, but it's not essential. Anyone who feels like calling out other faces they happen to recognize in there would be a bonus, but this is the one I'm really curious about. Many thanks in advance!
  19. Diego Puentes

    OPTI Fonts by Castcraft Software

    I was not aware these fonts were pirated. Were they copies of typositer fonts or copied from old specimen books?
  20. Riccardo Sartori

    OPTI Fonts by Castcraft Software

    The ethics of using OPTI fonts go beyond having a license for them. That said, unless you plan to use them for something akin a corporate typeface for a client, I don’t think there are particular problems. But also I’m not a lawyer.
  21. Diego Puentes

    OPTI Fonts by Castcraft Software

    I have a collection of fonts from OPTI Fonts by Castcraft Software that I purchased in the late 1980s or early 90s. I can't find the receipt or the original 3.5 hard disks. Its been close to 30 years. Its been over 25 years since I had a floppy or 3.5 hard disk drive. It appears the company no longer exists. Can I still use these fonts if I cannot demonstrate I have a license.? I am trying sort out my font collection.
  22. Ralf Herrmann

    ILT: My Favorite Fonts of 2021

    John Boardley’s 10 favorite typefaces of 2021.
  23. Maybe it is Miller Headline.
  24. I know there are many very similar fonts, but if anyone knows this one, I would be grateful to share it with me. Thanks in advance!
  25. HermanEdwardsIII

    Looking for a font from Looka in the “elegant” category

    F’ing A. That was damn quick! Thank you so much!
  26. Gizzmo

    Looking for a font from Looka in the “elegant” category

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