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Was it always there or did it only appear in 60s? Did it get to the end in the 90s? Can a non-british designer become a british typographer? Where can we find examples of British Typography and how can we use them? All of these questions and many others will be answered during our programme.

This course is for people who want to learn more about the world of typography and learn about best practices of using type in various areas of design; for those who want to meet in person legendary typographers and creative directors, who were responsible for the great masterpieces. This programme will help you to build a skeleton of typographic wisdom, that you will be able to build on in future.

Programme includes lectures, workshops, visits to exhibitions, self-study work and professional discussions. You will also have a unique opportunity to get behind the closed doors of the most influential agencies in London.

Structure of the programme:

Every day you will discover typography through different lenses:

Monday: environmental and space design
Tuesday: type creation
Wednesday: magazine and book design
Thursday: digital design
Friday: branding and packaging

Who is this programme for:

— graphic, digital and packaging designers
— art and creative directors
— branding and typography specialists
— MA students and graduates of design programmes
— everyone who is passionate about british design and typography

In a week you will learn:

— latest trends in typography
— how famous designers use type and what tricks do they use
— how biggest design studios and creative agencies work
— what do you need to know about type when working with branding, packaging and digital design
— can you become a british typographer if you were not born in the UK
— what is typography now and what it will look like tomorrow
— how many typographers are there in the UK

Dates and schedule:

Dates: June 27-July 3, 2016
Educational programme: June 27-July 1 from 9am to 6pm


£1,995 – with accommodation
£1,625 – without accommodation



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