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Typographic Summer Program with Dafi Kühne


Typography Events
Ralf Herrmann

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«Typographic Summer Program» with Dafi Kühne is an intense 2 week summer program in Switzerland for international graphic design students and professionals. The workshop’s goal is to bridge the gap analog design and production tools and professional contemporary typographic posters. Students will go through a number of analog tasks to experience the layout qualities of simple type-only layouts. All the experiments and layout exercises will be realized with traditional letterpress printing presses and physical type. Through this very slow but accurate analog process, students will learn to put emphasis on concept and micro typography. This program is a great opportunity for students to see and learn first hand from one of the few internationally successfull contemporary letterpress poster designers. Besides of a lot of process results, sketches and small experimental prints, students will collaborate to produce each a letterpress printed typographic poster printed with a variety of possible production tools like physical type (wood & lead), chipboard, lasercut mdf, linoleum, handcast ludlow type lines, and many more… Every aspect of the design process that is taught and intensely trained with the tutors in the analog way will be easy to translate to the contemporary design practice for the students future career. 

Skills trained:
+ Conceptual design work 
+ Handtypesetting, kerning, linespacing, rags 
+ Handling of letterpress proofing presses and other printing equipment 
+ Analog typographic design iterations to produce a typographic poster layout 
+ Full analog production of a poster, print form making, printing in several color-runs, quality control, presentation 

The whole workshop will be held in english. The studio fee for the 2 weeks is CHF 1750 per participant, to be paid in full via electronic transfer upon receipt of acceptance and in advance of the course.

The workshop will be held from June 18th until July 1st, 2017. Get in is on a Sunday evening and we'll finish up on a Saturday around noon. The program consists of a total of 11 fully coached workshop days. We begin at 8.30am and work until 6.30pm, with a 1 hour lunch break. On some evenings there are talks, films or discussions. The workshop is meant to use the time as efficient as possible, loading it up with as much educational information as we could, having as much fun as possible.


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