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  • Contributor Guidelines

    Typography.Guru is a community site and contributions from the community are always welcome. Here are some guidelines about adding and suggesting content for our site. 

    1. Suggesting Content

    If you add content to Typography.Guru, please note that it should be considered a content suggestion. We do not guarantee that your content will be published, will stay online or unedited. In the interest of the site’s members and guests, the contributions will be actively monitored and edited by the site’s moderators and administrators. At any time, content may be edited or removed for various reasons—for example: spamming, flooding, low quality content, suspicious legal status. 

    2. Language

    Currently only English content is allowed in all public sections of the site. 
    (It is possible to run forums in other languages in closed clubs)

    3. Images

    Since the site is responsive and meant to work on screens of different resolutions, there are no fixed image sizes. In most areas the width of the images should have at least 700 px and up to 1500 px. If you can, please optimize your images for web use, i.e. choose the best format (GIF, JPG, PNG) for the specific image and try to keep the file size as small as possible.  

    4. Section: Directory

    4.1 STYLE

    An entry at Typography.Guru can be a great advertising for you or your business, but please don’t write your entry like an advertisement. Keep it factual like an encyclopedia article. Of course it is not allowed to make false claims or use fake account to praise your own entries. 


    Any member can add entries about people, companies or organizations. This means that someone might write about you or your company or organization. To prevent spam and vandalism, only the original creator of an entry and moderators/administrators can make edits to an existing entry. If you want to make corrections to an entry about yourself, your company or organization, you can contact the author of this entry. You can also ask the site’s owner to take over an entry that is related to you. Note: you can only take over an entry to correct or extend it. It is not allowed to take it over to remove unwanted information or to delete the article entirely. 

    4.3 REVIEWS

    Reviews are an important part of the directory. You can review entries in all categories except the people category. Keep your review honest and factual. The Guru Directory is no place to hurt people or businesses. We might not publish such reviews. 

    Got further questions? Please ask in our Club for Contributors

    5. Writing articles for our Journal

    Journal articles cannot be directly added by members. Please get in touch with the site’s owner if you want to write an article for Typography.Guru. Some notes on what we are interested in. 


    We are not interested in passing on public relations content to our audience. The content is always selected and edited in the interest of our readers and community members.

    Sponsored articles might be published occasionally, but will be clearly marked as such. 


    We might publish articles about typographic projects (e.g. a font development) under certain circumstances. The article must be educational and written purely factual without any marketing phrases. Since the article will nevertheless act as advertising for you, we cannot pay you for such articles. Your reward will be the attention and traffic you receive through the article. If you want to publish such an article on Typography.Guru please write to editor @ typography.guru and give a brief overview of the article. 


    We are most interested in educational, in-depth typography articles, which are not meant to advertise the author’s products, services or affiliate partners. Please write to editor @ typography.guru and give a brief overview of the article you would want to write for Typography.Guru. We will judge the value of the article and make you a payment offer. 

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    Got more questions about adding content to Typography.Guru?
    write to editor @ typography.guru 

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