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  2. Looking for “liquid crystal” or “LCD” will give you plenty of commercial or free options for the numbers. The small text appears to be a condensed cut of Helvetica. A free alternative would be Liberation Sans Narrow. download at MyFonts
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  4. Riccardo Sartori

    A Variable Fonts Primer

    “The goal of this site is to show you how variable fonts tick. Discover how they can benefit user interface (UI) design, accessibility, and long-form reading, and how they push the boundaries of skillful typographic expression on the web.”
  5. henrykirton

    Reynolds Stone engraving font

    @Kevin Thompson - I have the book Reynolds Stone Engravings and get lost in it as often as I can.
  6. Last week
  7. “The annual Gerard Unger Scholarship helps promising typeface design students develop their careers. We encourage all the 2018–2019 or 2019–2020 graduates to submit their unique typeface design projects, even if they are unfinished. We are looking for your fresh and inspiring ideas with no limitations on styles, scripts, or visual approach.”
  8. Ralf Herrmann

    FontLab 7.1.1 released

    Highlights: quickly select composites, components and related glyphs • See layers that are present in only some glyphs • View multiple masters in the Preview panel • Import & paste vector artwork more easily • Support for the full Unicode 13 character set • Many detailed improvements & bug fixes
  9. Ayden

    answered Looking for the "Q" font in this Queen2u logo

    @Riccardo Sartori Thank you! Cheers!
  10. R::bert

    answered Looking for font name for CIS

    You are welcome!
  11. Wow Kevin! Thanks alot, man!
  12. Riccardo Sartori

    answered Font used by Nova TV (Croatia), 2019–present

    FS Untitled. download at MyFonts
  13. As with OpenType it will take some years, before the majority of designers and major foundries, developers of font software and applications support the major features in such a way that the majority of users can use them without any trouble. As said before, it is only a matter of time. Right now many of us are experiencing trouble with variable fonts with more than one axis. Also taking care that Variable Fonts have the same design quality when they are based on existing families. It can be rather time consuming to support the same weight- and width-specific design changes. But these are things that can be overcome. I expect that Google, Adobe and Microsoft will replace their fonts with Variable Fonts, just as they did with Type1 and first generation TrueType fonts. Users will get used to this. The others will follow 🙂 All kinds of beautiful and interesting niches will be around with us for a very long time. Probably much longer than expected.
  14. Neiliooo

    Tiger King from Netflix font.

    Woah, Gizzmo - thank you!
  15. Cheers Gizzmo! Really appreciate that - what an awesome typeface.
  16. Ralf Herrmann

    answered Font used in Amazon's "DAY ONE" blog

    Bookerly https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bookerly
  17. Riccardo Sartori

    Resources During the Pandemic

    “Aside from potential health threats, the type and design community faces severe economic challenges because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Type Directors Club supports our community during this time.” An evolving list of helpful resources for designers and businesses.
  18. By Adobe allowing this use which violates many independent foundries EULAs, it further erodes foundry income by fully eliminating the need for Adobe CC users to ever purchase any additional licensing for use on iOS devices.
  19. The Font Bureau/Microsoft version doesn’t seem to be available for licensing anymore. However, there is a cut from HiH. download at MyFonts
  20. Matt, book cover design of that era mostly employed custom-lettered typography, not typefaces—at least for the larger display type. Vaguely reminiscent of Romanisch and De Vinne, styles which inspired modern interpretations like Grand Central.
  21. Ralf Herrmann

    Univerza Sans by Type Salon

  22. Earlier
  23. Kevin Thompson

    answered Font from 2017 Edition of Hamilton's "Mythology"

    Actually, no editing was required at all (all the characters I thought might be altered are readily available as alternate glyphs).
  24. RasmusTypeDesigner

    Variable font experiment: Your Typeface

    Sorry, that's a mistake, we will change the text, it is free for use personally and in any project you'd like 🙂 All the best!
  25. “Filmmaker Gary Hustwit is streaming his documentaries free worldwide during the global COVID crisis. Each week we’ll be posting another film here.” March 17 to 24: Helvetica
  26. Calibre https://klim.co.nz/retail-fonts/calibre/
  27. “Perondi re-reads Kinross’s 1992 article and recalls what happened during the decades that followed.”
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