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  2. Hi, This picture is page 419 of the book titled "Aspects of Rationality" by Raymond Nickerson. I would like to know what font is used for the header "Conclusions and A View" and also the content on the page. Thanks The book ISBN: 9781841694870 You may look for the preview of the book fro this link: https://www.amazon.com/Aspects-Rationality-Reflections-Rational-Whether/dp/1841694878
  3. Ralf Herrmann

    Rohner Press

    Rohner Press offers a variety of print production services including letterpress printing, engraving, foil stamping, embossing, die cutting, and paper converting. Founded by second generation printer Bruno Rohner, the company has remained committed to traditional print techniques.
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  5. XGraphix

    Looking for this Mercury motor decal font

    I'll definitely check that one out, thanks!
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  7. You could approximate “SE” with Ghost Clan.
  8. Bigspams

    answered Vico Chips fonts

    Thank you Riccardo !
  9. Riccardo Sartori

    Remembering Freda Sack

    “Freda Sack was a type designer and typographer who took an important lead in shaping the professional craft of type design and, through her work with the International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD), helped to improve standards and to enhance educational opportunities in the field of typography.”
  10. jayar

    Fractional sizes for font and leading?

    I’ll agree here. Good design includes using appropriate type at appropriate sizes, with appropriate line spacing, column width, etc. And by “appropriate” I mean of course for readability by your intended audience/readership. No one (except nerds like us) notices the grid behind your layout. I confess, I often tend to choose traditional metal-type sizes to start with (I also go back that far), but fine-tuning usually takes me away from that old habit. I’ll confess again, discovering type that has been set at 9.675 point, for example, makes me cringe, but if that’s what works, there’s no rational reason to say no.
  11. Florian H.

    Looking for Helvetica advertisements

    Here’s how the Haas type foundry announced their Neue Haas Grotesk in Gebrauchsgraphik in June 1958 (image courtesy of IAADB), one year before the typeface was renamed to Helvetica. In retrospect, the defensive wording is amusing: “Grotesks continue to occupy an important position”, “please compare it to other, similar grotesks.” Note the prophetic Latin phrase, which translates to “Whatever you do, do it wisely and consider the end” (quidquid is missing a d).
  12. Riccardo Sartori

    Antonio Basoli

    The article argues that they “should be built for real”. I’m not sure about that, but I can easily see them in some film or television opening titles.
  13. Gecko

    Áron Jancsó 1986 - 2015

    This young guy did some beautiful creative typography. What a lovely talent. For me he was an unknown who died far too early. https://blog.8faces.com/post/136876631916/aronjancso1986-2015
  14. Riccardo Sartori

    Why the US Government Just Made Its Own Font

    I think that’s the most probable explanation.
  15. Hello- I am looking for this font on a sorority t-shirt made by the social life. I was able to do a reverse image search and found a source here: https://thesociallife.com/products/alpha-phi-beverly-tee They use this font on several other products, including this raglan crew: https://thesociallife.com/products/alpha-phi-boulevard-raglan-crewneck It looks like a brush/script/hand lettered hybrid. I have exhausted all research sources, have asked university design professors, work colleagues, and I CANNOT find this font. I need a digital version to create a greek life design for a similar product. I was able to find a page on The Social Life where they list some of their favorite fonts but I couldn't find it there (of course), and it looks like they find/use most of their fonts from a mixture of dafont/creative market. Here's the page: https://custom.thesociallife.com/pages/fonts
  16. Thank you very much for your response. I will definitely look into customizing the typeface myself for a similar style.
  17. I personally can't find anything exact and I suspect it is a custom font for a machine that specialises in making headstones. There is a beautiful typeface which has a similar feel about it and has lots of alternative glyphs and ligatures. Only a suggestion. https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/typesetit/explora/
  18. Riccardo Sartori

    What is the (Type)face of 2019?

    👍 or 2020, even. The only suggestion I can give is that it will not be a geometric sans serif (finally!).
  19. More of a rip-off: “An early ITC borrowing from Kabel, faithful to the original proportions of Kabel Heavy, from the hands of Ronne Bonder and Tom Carnase.” download at MyFonts For an even better match (weight, |e|, etc.), look at the pre-digital sample on Bowfin Printworks’ font identification guide (scroll down).
  20. Riccardo Sartori

    answered Old Clock face font

    I doubt it, but easily the same reference: either a style especially en vogue for watch faces or some lettering manual.
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  22. Ralf Herrmann

    Typographics 2019

    The Typographics design fest­ival, now in its 5th year, is a multi-part event series foc­used on con­tempo­rary typo­graphy and where its future may lie. CONFERENCE JUNE 14 & 15 The center of Typographics is a two-day lecture series focused on the contemp­orary use of type. Regi­stration is now open to the public, with significant discounts before the full schedule is announced. WORKSHOPS AND TOURS JUNE 10-20 Workshops and tours are sched­uled before and after the confer­ence, covering every­thing from hand lettering to respon­sive typography. TYPELAB JUNE 13-16 The TypeLab at Typographics 2019 will host a series of technical hands-on work­shops, demos, inter­views, and exper­iments in an informal environment. BOOK FAIR JUNE 15 & 16 The Typographics festival includes the Typographics Book Fair, with items for sale from some of our favorite design booksellers. https://2019.typographics.com
  23. That version is still available on Font Squirrel.
  24. Riccardo Sartori

    A typeface for visual impairment

    The uppercase |I| has very prominent serifs, so there is no risk of confusion between the two. Of course, a |l| with a curved bottom remains identifiable even without (or with limited) context.
  25. ...pity. Thanks for the quick reply!
  26. Riccardo Sartori

    Microsoft Century/Asia typography

    By all means do it. The versions bundled with Microsoft products are, in fact, the same typeface. The only difference, as explained in the link you provided, being that Century is optimised for Asian typography. If you need some additional reasons, you can point out that Century Schoolbook also offers proper Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic styles, while Century has only Regular, thus the other styles would be faked by the software.
  27. Thank you Ralf, that was amazingly fast!
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