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Posts in this forum are manually approved and are only published if you follow these rules:


  1. I will pick a telling/specific title
    • example: “Looking for the font of this McDonald’s menu board from the 1990s”
      clearly identifying the user of the font – in this case McDonald’s
    • generic titles are not acceptable, e.g.: “What’s this font?” “Does anyone know this typeface?” “Help me please”
  2. I will give as much background information as I can. For example:
    • name source of the images (e.g. the company which uses the font)
    • link the source if possible
      (e.g. “it’s from the company’s website to be found at http://…”) 
    • describe the item (old book, web screenshot, plaque on an building …)
    • estimate the time of the creation (e.g. the decade)


I will try to explain, what exactly I look for. For example:

  • looking for a digital version. Commercial fonts are fine. 
  • I need a free alternative if possible
  • need the name for a research paper
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