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Design and tech questions around the field of type design

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  1. Corporate Geek

    Is there an alternative to UTC? (Universal Type Client)

  2. Ralf Herrmann

    Designing the Cyrillic Er

  3. Guest bailey97

    Gill Sans - Eric Gill

  4. JoelMarsh

    Serif Square-Top A (flat top with crossbar)?

  5. Stephan Peters

    I've got the hinting blues

  6. MinnType

    Glyphs App - Best Practices

  7. MinnType

    Creating Multiple Weights

  8. ah kodi

    How to show scrollbar of font glyphs at the top of Glyph Window?

  9. LLJ

    Fonts Not Working Properly in MS Word on Mac

  10. Ralf Herrmann

    Capital Sharp S notes: the ligature or letter dichotomy

  11. Dmitriy Yakimov

    The font dispays incorrectly on non-retina screens after adding a symbol

  12. Ralf Herrmann

    Capital Sharp S notes: Don’t use double S for 1E9E

  13. Kathrinvdm

    How do I – as a beginner – start to design a font?

  14. MinnType

    Typeface Creation Software

  15. Rapha

    FontForge – Unicode point duplicates issue

  16. cassola

    FontLab Studio 4 or 3

  17. khouya

    FONTLAB : Aborting because of errors

  18. DotlessHyphen

    VOLT saving OTF

  19. 276ccm

    Preferred site to sell your fonts?

  20. Sidehugs

    Side-Bearings and Fraction Typefaces

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