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ANSWERED Searching fonts on this Pilchard packaging

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Hello ,

I have been searching fonts used on this packaging with whatTheFont and with Identifont. 

I couldn' t know what was the font used for: 

- "Sardines"

-"à l'huile d'olive"

-"Saint Georges"

-"Conserverie" ->the font might be 'Weiss Antigua URWD Medium' ? or 'Aragon Condensed' ?

-"la belle-illoise"

Would you have any website or book to help me in my research? 

Have a good day. 


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Ralf Herrmann

The stuff on top is very likely lettering and not made with fonts. 

On the bottom is Trajan. Not sure about “la belle-illoise”. May or may not be available as digital font. 


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Hello Ralph, 

Thanks for your answer :). 


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