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Nameplate font from original Thomas Crown movie


MRM777    0

Hi, could you please ID this font from a nameplate in the original Thomas Crown movie starring Steve Mcqueen.

Urgently needed,

Thank you very much!



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Ralf Herrmann    453
Ralf Herrmann

It might not be based on a regular font you can type with. Those signs are usually engraved, e.g. using such physical letters:


But here is a font that is pretty close. 


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MRM777    0

Hi Ralf,

It's very kind of you to respond so swiftly. FF DIN Round Pro is a very close match indeed. Is there a free version/alternative?

Thank you!

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Riccardo Sartori    151
Riccardo Sartori
4 hours ago, MRM777 said:

free [...]alternative?

Planer. Or, if you need something a bit darker, BP Replay.

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