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Font paring with Acherus Militant 1 ExtraBold

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Hi, I'm going to use Acherus Militant 1 ExtraBold for my logo, now I'm finding a suitable font for the tagline below my logo font. Can you recommend which font is good at pairing with Acherus Militant 1 ExtraBold? Thank you a lot. 

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Many thanks for your answer. I'm going to open my own toast restaurant, a small one. So Acherus Militant 1 ExtraBold will for be my restaurant name, and there will be a tagline below my logo name (i.e: best toast in town). I have no knowledge in typography and your suggestion and a short explanation how it is good is really helpful to me. I am really grateful for that.

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21 minutes ago, dan said:

a short explanation how it is good

One principle you can use in pairing typefaces is similarity. In this case, Acherus Grotesque is a safe bet because it belongs to the same family as Acherus Militant. As a bonus, its non-stencil appareance make it more readable at smaller sizes (such as those of a tagline).

Side note: while Acherus Militant 1 would be suitable for a large sign, you may consider switching to Acherus Militant 2 or 3 for smaller sizes, also depending on the means of reproduction, in order to retain the visibility of the stencil gaps.

All that said, in light of the new information you provide, a different approach in font pairing could perhaps work better: contrast. In this case, given the geometric and mechanical qualities of Acherus Militant, an organic and hand-made style could add warmth to the design.

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19 hours ago, Riccardo Sartori said:

Acherus Militant 1 would be suitable for a large sign

This is also what I concern when I try to use it for name card, it is hard to see the gap. I'm considering to switch to Acherus Militant 3. 

Your suggestion on contrast pairing seems really nice to make it more harmony. Thank you so much for helping an outsider like me! 

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