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Can You Identify this vintage San Francisco Parks Font?

Christopher Simmons

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Christopher Simmons

Park identification signs in San Francisco use a variety of typefaces, but I'm looking for the one pictured. These are prevalent on older signs and despite its distinctive idiosyncrasies (narrow H vs. wide A, etc.) I've been unable to find anything close. I'm hoping to find a commercially licensable version of this.




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Riccardo Sartori

Especially looking at |A|S|, I doubt it is a known typeface. Rather stencils (or vinyl letters?), from one or more sets used by the sign-maker.

The closest would probably be a version of DIN (or DIN-inspired) with a diagonal cut on the |G|, but none will have an |S| like the one in the sample. 

Highway Gothic also could have been an influence.


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Christopher Simmons

Yeah... it definitely smacks of DIN / Highway Gothic / SAA but it's a little off from all of them. The low crossbar on the A is unique...

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Riccardo Sartori
12 minutes ago, Christopher Simmons said:

The low crossbar on the A is unique

And that’s one of the features that made me think it’s not a typeface, but someone trying to mechanically construct a bolder |A| and running out of space for the counter, thus lowering the bar.

Anyway, at least one of the DIN-inspired typefaces I linked to has a rather low bar on |A|.


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Ralf Herrmann

Also looks like self-made and manually applied stencils to me. The letterforms, the spacing, the jumping letters …

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