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answered Looking for the font of this 1927 Italian edition of Divine Comedy

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I'm trying to identify the font used in this edition of Divine Comedy, precisely the edition printed in 1927 by "Sonzogno Editore" in Milano, named  "La Divina Commedia. Illustrata da Gustavo Dorè. A cura di Eugenio Camerini.".

I've used "My fonts" but without satisfactory results. In my opinion the font used is a Didone genre, very similar to some variant of "Bondoni" but the capital "Q" is different. 

Any help is appreciated.  Thank you.


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@gluk Looks very similar! Thank you. If no other answer come, I'll give you the correct mark. 

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Riccardo Sartori


37 minutes ago, Alex_91 said:

I'll give you the correct mark.

You should.  

I happen to own a reprint of the same book, and unfortunately it doesn’t include a colophon. The book appears to be set in a variety of typefaces and fonts, but, at least for the page you shown, I doubt you will find anything better.

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Kevin Thompson

Elizabeth is also very similar for the larger body text (and for the page title and smaller body text as well).

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