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Mid Century Lettering (Chr. Keller)

Chr. Keller

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Chr. Keller

This lettering of our family name was used as a logo for my grandfather‘s grocery store with attached bookbindery in the south of germany. It must have been created in the fifties or early sixties of the last century. I would really like to know the font(s), especially of the ‚keller’ part and use it to create a logo for my home brewing activities. Can anyone help me here?


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Riccardo Sartori

I didn’t find a match for “Chr.” (it looks almost like |C| is from a different typeface than |h|r|).

As for “keller”, it’s most probably lettering, not a font. However, there are several typefaces that mimic this kind of “chrome script” (scroll down).

The most similar to your sample is probably Atomatic, followed by the discontinued Staromat and by Deli

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