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Tracking down Lars Bergquist's Waldstein (discontinued fonts)

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I purchased licenses for some of Mr. Bergquist's fonts from the now closed Fountain Type Foundry way back in the day, and I regret that I never snagged Waldstein. I've been trying to track it down of late, and I've even reached out to a couple of foundries that still sell his fonts. I'm posting in hopes that someone here may have an idea of how to find a discontinued font -- in a legitimate way, of course.

I don't know how to contact Mr. Bergquist, or the Bruhn family (Fountain Type), but I'm more than happy to pay for use of the font. I really only intend to use it for personal projects. Thank you in advance!

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I did hear back from one of the foundries with a very kind reply, however he was no longer in contact with Mr. Bergquist (he had retired maybe?). I'll probably reach back out to Rod Cavazos at PSY/OPS to see if he knows anything...

I knew this would be a longshot, but you never know until you try. 😉

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