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Fonts combination for website and branding - help needed

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I work as a UX for a small startup company, which is also my first job in the field. They asked me to create logo for them and choose matching typography that will also be used on the website and for branding purposes. We chose Ailerons Typeface (https://www.behance.net/gallery/25541553/Ailerons) to work as the logotype and the tagline was in Lato Regular. To enhance the tech feeling of the website we found also Glacial Indifference or Renner to be used in the body text (Glacial Indifference Regular, Renner Book). Except for Ailerons, all of them are pretty similar. Could you help me out how to create the Typography system for the website use? I've never done that before and am pretty confused. What should I pay attention to? What kinds of examples of uses should be taken into cosideration (Headlines, subheaders, taglines body text, emphasis, CTAs, etc)? Any articles on the field to get to know it better? Any help will be appreciated :)

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Riccardo Sartori

So many different and general questions, none of which has a simple or short answer.

I can give two bits of advice:

  1. Generally speaking, the fewer the typefaces involved, the easier is to make the design work.
  2. Look at designs you like and think that work, and try to understand why. So you can apply similar solutions to your own.

As for references, you could start here: https://typography.guru/directory/website/


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