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What font Graduate Texts in Mathematics series of Springer uses?

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Hi everyone.


I'm interested in knowing the font used by Springer in Graduate text books series and other series.


I have tried with many identifiers but I can't find the font. The italic* ''g'' is like in Compputer Modern (LaTeX default font). However, italic ''z'' seems Times New Roman. I thought the font was acchivd with the TeX package MathTime pro 2, but the italic g doesn' match.


Can you help me, please?


I attached her some files from Multilinear algebra 2n edition, Werner Greub, but there is a free preview for each title of the serie

* There are two types of g, as you can see in my images.





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Ralf Herrmann

It certainly looks like a version of Times or Times New Roman, but the resolution of the scans is too low to say for sure which version it is. I would try to find some PDF previews of their books and look up the font information in a reader like Adobe Reader who lists the used fonts. 

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Ralf Herrmann
9 minutes ago, Dog_69 said:

I have tried to see font info gived by Adobe and its said Helvetica and Times New Roman. But I'm not sure.

For which PDF?

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Ralf Herrmann

I found that PDF and checked out the individual glyphs with Acrobat Pro. Most of it is Times New Roman as expected. In the equations there is also Minion and Cambria in use, which both have math versions. 

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Ralf Herrmann

Yes, it is a typeface mix, not one matching font. And as mentioned before, pay attention to the Unicode value. There are regular letters and math characters which look differently in each typeface. 

If the PDF reports what is used for a glyph, than that is what is used—whether you are sure about it or not. :winking:

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