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Can Paint.NET create this effect for font?

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Hello fellow fonters


I have been searching youtube for a tutorial on how to make a font that is raised and it has an artificial reflection. That is it looks a bit like a mirror when it is complete. I have uploaded my favourite example of what I am talking about. It is a cool text effect and it is used for novel cover.


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Ralf Herrmann

It probably can be achieved in most image editors. It’s just a matter of how much work it is. For popular editors such as Photoshop, there are probably lots of free and commercial one-click options available. If they don’t exist, you need to do it all manually. Mask the image in the background. Add the embossing. Add the glare effect on top …

Not sure what tutorials you have looked at so far, but I would search for things like “chrome text in [app]”, “metal text”, “glossy text” to get you started. 

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Thank you. I love this font. :)

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