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Bergen, Norway Street Signs


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Ralf Herrmann

Older enamel signs aren’t typeset, so there is no regular font and nothing to identify. The companies who made those just had templates for every letter in a specific size. There wasn't even a point in giving that “font” a name if there was just one set of letters in use. 

Today, enamel signs can be made from digital fonts, but it’s impossible to say if that is the case here from just this image. You could reach out to the sign makers in that area and ask them how they make these signs. 

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oh interesting, thank you for the explanation. the letters look so familiar somehow, I thought I'd seen the "tapeface" before especially the "r" and "t"...

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Riccardo Sartori



4 hours ago, ac54 said:

the letters look so familiar somehow, I thought I'd seen the "tapeface" before especially the "r" and "t"

There are hundreds of digital squarish/condensed “gaspipe” typefaces that draw from a variety of models. For example, that kind of |r| is typical, among others, of Eurostile and its derivatives, while the cross-like |t| with a sloped top can be found in geometric sans serifs from the 1920s like Erbar.

I was unable to find a design sporting both details, and found none with such a hook on the |j|.

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