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Font from keyboard keycaps (WASD keyboard)

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I am going to design a new set of keycaps for my WASD keyboard and I saw the attached picture on WASD's Twitter. I really liked the fonts on the picture. Unfortunately they were not able to tell me which font was it, and the didnt't held any information on who posted the keyboard picture, so my last oportunnity is trying to identify the font with some help, if I want to use it. I would like to identify the fonts on this keyboard, particullarly the one in the white keys. This picture was uploaded on 2018. Could anyone be able to help me? Thank you


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2 hours ago, Greg Yerbury said:

I wonder if it is an in-house font and so can't be identified. 

This keyboard layout has been designed by a client, not by the sellers, so I assume it has to be some standard font

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2 hours ago, Riccardo Sartori said:

The angle of the photo doesn’t help, but, except for |&|, Quicksand looks fairly similar.

Correction: the version on Google Fonts seems to be a better match, and it also has the right type of |&|.

It does look like Quicksand, it has the right "&" and also the Q. If its not, its really close. Should be enough information for my purpose. Thank you very much for the help!

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2 hours ago, Karlsson said:

out of curiosity, the font of the special keys (CTRL, CAPS LOCK...), is that Century Gothic?

I mean now the font on the black keys. The white ones do seem Quicksand. Thank you

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