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Help ID font on "1910" sports memorabilia?

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New here, please pardon what's surely a stupid question…   

The photo displays lettering on pieces of baseball memorabilia allegedly from 1910. 

It looks to our untrained eyes to be of more modern origin. 

Is it just Times New Roman?  If so, how old is that font? 

If it's something else, can you identify it and tell us how old it could be? 



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Riccardo Sartori
1 hour ago, Greg Yerbury said:

a cut of Bodoni

I don’t think so: the |a| especially is very much Caslon (and the |e| at least isn’t like Bodoni at all). See, For example:

Different styles of Caslon have a |g| more similar to the one in the sample image, but in general the digital offerings seem to have “normalised” the quirkier letters (like |s|). Which makes me think that, even if it’s something made after 1910, it wasn’t made with a digital font.

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Absolutely Caslon without a doubt, trouble is which version, so many different foundries with so many slight variants over the decades (thats not a font it's a period of time!)


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Greg Yerbury

Caslon Old Face by Bitstream is very close indeed for the lower case but there are clear differences with the upper case. 

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Much appreciated, all the responses so far.  Delighted there have been so many!  Please keep at it, we'd be chuffed to get a precise ID on the thing... 


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