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Looking for fonts in Netflix's "A Series of Unfortunate Events" making-of book.

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Good point! What was I thinking.

The fonts in the image above (though all the different fonts are put to great use in this book!).

These display fonts are used throughout the book to tie the aesthetic together. It's two fonts (differences in stroke/diagonal thickness; more obvious characteristics in the 'F' in 'Netflix' vs 'Of'; and the 'S' in 'Events' vs 'Series'; the 'R'  in 'Series' vs 'Unfortunate').

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I'd suggest that it is a custom font specifically for the project. Obviously built with a lot of alternative glyphs. Take a look at some of the Victorian era typefaces. 

This is by no means identical but it is a nice similar era font: Balford by Ilham Herry


Another great source would be take a look at some of the work produced by these typographers at Letterhead Fonts: https://www.letterheadfonts.com/

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Yes I thought of Emporium, sadly I don't have it in my collection to check for alternatives. Maybe you could email Mark Searfoss and ask him directly, he may have been commissioned by Netflix for the custom font. 

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Thanks Riccardo - it does indeed! I'm going to have a close look at Searfoss' fonts because I suspect they're all in the book.

On 11/14/2019 at 4:35 PM, Gecko said:

he may have been commissioned by Netflix for the custom font. 

The fonts in the Netflix series itself (https://fontmeme.com/a-series-of-unfortunate-events-font/) were

Bickley Script http://myfonts.us/td-6xPeiJ

a modified version of Decotura/Civet http://myfonts.us/td-VuRrVc

and Esmeralda https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/sudtipos/esmeralda-pro/

The making-of book is beautifully designed and in-keeping with the TV series' aesthetic, but from what I can see it's unrelated in terms of the actual type assets used.

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This is LHF Elixir also by Mark Searfoss, my version from 2015 doesn't have exactly the same alternative glyphs, maybe there is a later version or Mark customised it especially for Netflix.


Netflix Screen.jpg

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Riccardo Sartori

What I meant with my latest post is that (as suggested by ReflexBlueHorror) the sample is composed using two typefaces.

The -> Emporium

Incomplete -> Elixir

History of -> Emporium

Netflix’s -> Elixir

A series of -> Emporium

Unfortunate -> Elixir

Events -> Emporium

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Ah now it makes perfect sense. I only have HLF Elixir and couldn't work out for the life in me, why those glyphs were missing. Actually now I see Emporium is slightly lighter in weight also. Well done Riccardo. 

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I've almost completed identifying the fonts (there's over 30 fonts so far) - I'll post the results soonish but in the meantime I'm stuck on a couple. Hoping any one here might have some idea which ones these are...



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12 minutes ago, Kevin Thompson said:

At first I thought the second sample was Archer, by Hoefler & Co, but on second glance it appears to be A2 Typewriter Medium Italic.

I think you're spot on. Here's a snap of their online generator using the same. The capital Ps are quite distinct.


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And the very last.

I think the multiple The's are derived from a collection. Certainly half of LHF's 62 The's was used throughout the book.

The typewriter small e has a very distinct black dot in its eye.





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The "Secret Organization" text appears to be Mattox Shuler's "Gin". The elongated capitals in "Introduction by Neil Patrick Harris" appear to be Shuler's "Bourbon" but his have no swash elements.4_8e5e8825-07b2-41bf-94e4-7a171195cc3b.p4.jpg?v=1520305463

One of the "The" catchwords is letter Q in HWT Catchwords


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