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answered Font with unique Capital "S" still unknown - old version of Round-hand?

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This font appeared printed on a business-size envelop (my name and address) sent to me - so I'm assuming it's a computer font. I saved the address portion [cut it out], assuming wrongly that I would be able to identify it easily - so I don't  have the rest of the envelop and don't know who the sender was (I'm in NJ).

The capital "S" appears to be unique - so I've focused on it as a key identifier


Many of the other Capital letters look like "round-hand" or a fancy "Copperplate"  [R & P especially - see below]- but I have been unable to ID the font - despite using all of the online tools I could find, Google  "image search" and trolling through several hundred pages of character maps of Calligraphy fonts.

Google did find it used in a few logos - most in Europe - but not exclusively. A photography in Illinois has it in her logo (below). I've written to her asking for a pointer - but have not heard back. Any ideas appreciated.



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Riccardo Sartori

It seems to be Cancellaresca Script, artificially emboldened in the second sample.


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