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Genelec Logo font

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Does anybody have a clue about what this font could be? It kind of looks like a hybrid between Optima and Gill Sans.GENELEC_black.thumb.jpg.823181dfeddbb3826bfe5f55538d8555.jpg

I'm pretty sure the same font was used by Onkyo and Mitsubishi on some of their audio equipment from the 1980s - e.g. on the cassette deck on the photo i've attached - or at least it's very very similar, almost too close to be a coincidence.onkyo-full.thumb.jpg.e5699ce0e1b0cb5ab24be414d2a5dfa6.jpg

Here are some further examples that I found on the web of what I believe is the same font:

https://www.flickr.com/photos/33729226@N07/8859432533/ (An Onkyo receiver)

https://www.flickr.com/photos/21476504@N05/15683451618/ (Another cassette deck)

https://flickr.com/photos/leethal_lee/16719378982/ (A slightly blurry shot of a Mitsubishi receiver - just to illustrate how the lowercase looks)

Could it be som old, forgotten sans-serif that never got digitized? The strange thing is that i've never seen it used outside of audio equipment.

Thank you!

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13 hours ago, Kevin Thompson said:

Arnholm Sans Medum, which unfortunately has never received a proper (legal) digitization.

Opti-Castcraft used to sell a knockoff called Phillip-Medium.

Thank you - very interesting! I wonder why it faded into obscurity, since it even seems to have won an award in the 1964 National Typeface Competition.

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