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answered Trying to find the font used for the Hairy Houdini Siberian Husky Rescue's Tagline

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As the title states, I'm looking for the font used for the attached Hairy Houdini Siberian Husky Rescue image. The attached image is not found on the company's website ( https://hhshr.com/ ), but it is the one I was specifically provided with.

I'm not looking for the font used for the company name, but rather the font used for the tagline "Making a Difference One Husky at a Time". Please note that some of the type appears to be unintentionally "damaged" ( such as the second f's stem in "Difference" being cut off at the bottom ). I am not sure if the type's edges were originally rounded and/or if the type had a stroke applied to it.

In addition to identifying the font, I am looking for free alternatives if the font is commercial-use only.


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I've deduced what the font is.

It's most likely Calibri. The damaged sections and smoothed out areas threw me for a loop.

Thanks if anybody had attempted to look for it!

You may mark this thread as solved.

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