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ANSWERED Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's Wonka bar font..?

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Hello, everybody!! I'm trying to figure out what fonts were used (or similar fonts) for the specific labels on the chocolate bars used in Tim Burton's 2005 film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I've tried various font reverse image search sites and haven't had luck on any of them, aughh!! I've made vector renditions of each wrapper for use in school reproductions of the film as a musical play and am now needing to label the dang things for them to be complete. Thank you so much for anyone's consideration and time, I hope everyones having a great year so far!!! 

Here are the fonts in question:



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Riccardo Sartori

It looks like some degree of slant was applied to all of the samples (I wonder if some of it is simply due to perspective).


The first one looks like Cantaloupe:



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Oh my god, thank you guys so so so much!!! I am indebted to you both for life, my saviors. 

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Hi I have recreated the wrappers, and yes, these are the fonts with a small shred... But sometimes the spacing between the letters and the height of a paragraph changes... (Usually the height is smaller).

Also if you want to know the 150g is Industrial and the nutrition facts is Din Schriften but a bit more compressed. Moreover the NET WT is not industrial though, however it is also Din Schriften. The Win a trip to Wonka's factory is Bernard Gothic Bold with a extra contour to make it more thicker.

The W from the Wonka logo was hand-drawn, however I am not sure if the onka part was too...

This is one of my recreated bars... ;-)

Of course I have made all the four of them with the help of François Audouy, Kathy Heaser and Alex McDowell... :-)

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The 'onka' part is similar (but not) to Gotham bold which appears used on the Factory interior doors.

The main titles use Atlantis MF.

The establishing shots (except Grandpa Joe's flashbacks) use Gill Sans.

I'm yet to identify the fonts used for the "Dear People of the World" poster; Grandpa Joe's Flashbacks; or miscellaneous graphis (Ficklegruber, Prodnose, "Destination: Cairo" etc)

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John Sutherland

What about the font on the German Wonka bar Agustin gloop had?

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