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  2. Ralf Herrmann

    ANSWERED Font Used in Octopath Traveler

    Whatfontis identified it as “Skech”. https://www.whatfontis.com/tag/0/skechbold Part of a big commercial font package though.
  3. MaiIsMe

    ANSWERED Font Used in Octopath Traveler

    Here's a video with it.
  4. Gecko

    ANSWERED Font Used in Octopath Traveler

    Too small to really identify properly but my first reaction was ITC Souvenir but the "w" throws it for a loop.
  5. Bye the way you might want to make it a bit more legible for those of us who are a little more advanced in the grey hair department. In dafont you can type in your own text in the PREVIEW to get a more accurate indication of what the glyphs will actually look like. Checkout Cuxhaven for another not bad starting point: https://www.dafont.com/theme.php?cat=401&page=6&text=Seventh+heaven
  6. joshnicholsn it took me three views to actually read what this says. It took a while to first of all distinguish that there are glyphs buried in there: Seventh heaven is actually a "black letter" typeface. All the rest is a bunch of scribble which looks like a crown of thorns (Jesus Christ) and some fancy illustrator vector art to extend and distort the black letter glyphs vertically. I have said it before and it is well worth visiting www.daFont.com because they have literally thousands of FREE FONTS. Checkout their section Gothic Medieval: https://www.dafont.com/theme.php?cat=401 There are a couple of hundred fonts there and you can certainly find something close for a good starting point. ZenFrax might work for you, available there. Other suggestions might be: Bayrouth, OPTI Modern Blackletter or Proclamation, just do a google search. But like I said there probably won't be an exact match but you will certainly find something to give you a good starting point provided your fairly competent with Adobe Illustrator or heaven forbid (I made a funny) Corel Draw.
  7. I was wondering what font is used for Octopath Traveler in-game text.
  8. Last week
  9. Gecko

    from Los Angeles to Sparks

    There are sooooooooo many great script fonts out there these day. I suggest you go to dafont.com: https://www.dafont.com/theme.php?cat=601 They're all free and there are hundred to choose from, it's a matter of taste. You may like to checkout: Tasty Sushi, Flaming, Back to Black. All would be great for a project like this. But hey! go see for yourself.
  10. Greg Yerbury

    Looking for the font for Go by Veho

    I though the G could be a modified from Bliss bold
  11. Riccardo Sartori

    Looking for the font for Go by Veho

    “By Veho” seems to be Open Sans (the same typeface they use on their website). “GO” is likely customised (among other things, there is a noticeable difference in stroke weight and contrast between |G| and |O|). However, that shape of |G|, without “beard” or horizontal bar, can be found in British (read Johnston and Gill) inspired typefaces. The closest I found is probably Picadilly.
  12. This is a photo of the logo on our softball club's jersey. I think the creator of our shirts used a different font to our existing logo and as I have no way of contacting them I was wondering if anyone knew it. I'd like a digital version so they can change all their promotional/online stuff with it. I'm only looking for the MISFITS font please. thanks Jay
  13. Hi, Does anyone know the font for Go by Veho? Thanks,
  14. Lust Script by Positype. download at MyFonts
  15. Hello guys! I am looking for the font of word "Beauty" in the picture attached. Here is the source of where I found the images and I've already asked the creators, but did not get a reply: https://www.behance.net/gallery/41011895/Beauty-Stationery-Cosmetics-Wedding-mockups. I need it for commercial use, alternatives are also welcome.
  16. Hi, Saw this on Instagram and was interested to see if there was an identifiable font to match the one on this sweatshirt? I understand there might not be due to it’s complexity but thought i’d ask anyway. Thanks.
  17. MrPhillyMan

    from Los Angeles to Sparks

    My brother would like me to make him a poster for his bd party and he would like his name written same as in this Los Angeles picture. Is there a free font or typeface similar to this?
  18. Crisper image: The logo could be based on/inspired by a typeface mimicking the Alien vs. Predator movie title. But the one I found is not a match. The text appears to be set in Expansiva.
  19. Hi, Does anyone know the font for this logo? Thanks,
  20. https://www.fontspring.com/fonts/paratype/olga https://www.fonts.com/font/paratype/olga/regular https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/paratype/olga/olga/
  21. Hi, i looking for this hand font of this clothes brand logo. Thanks
  22. Riccardo Sartori

    ANSWERED Looking for Winter Wonderland font

    Good catch!
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