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  2. Thanks. I'll ask them! Will report back here anything positive.
  3. Reynolds Stone’s descendants license the Janet font on a limited, and case-by-case, basis; I doubt it will ever be sold on commercial typeface website. You can contact them here: https://www.reynoldsstone.co.uk/contact/
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  5. I too noticed the font as it whizzed by in the titles and loved the look of it, and then came upon this hopefully not so phantom thread. Any chance that the "Eclipse - Janet" will be sold? Any idea how to contact "Eclipse" to ask them? Thanks.
  6. The sans looks like some cut of Futura: download at MyFonts
  7. Houserama League Night https://houseind.com/hi/housearama
  8. Hello. I was wondering if anyone might help me identify two of the fonts used in this logo? In particular, the joined-up handwritten style font used in the word 'Pavilion', and if possible, the sans serif font used for the words 'THE' and 'CAFE'. It's possible that the letter 'P' in 'Pavilion' might actually use a different font altogether, though I'm not sure. The Pavilion Cafe is a small cafe in the North of England who I work for. I've been asked to design new promo materials including posters, flyers, menus etc using the same (or similar) typefaces to continue the brand. This logo was designed at some point in the past 10 years but unfortunately, the original designer is nowhere to be found, so we've not able to identify the fonts used. I'd greatly appreciate if anyone might help! Thanks
  9. Hi, I have seen a font that I really like and would like to use as part of my company logo. Can anyone help identifying for me please? Thanks, Sukh
  10. Start With The "h"

    Terrific video very well presented.
  11. https://www.shopwesthouse.com/products/this-is-us-sign
  12. Try a google search for Gothic Initials, there are many and they vary considerably, but you may come across something close that you can adapt or something to enjoy as an alternative.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Given the variation in the letters (look at the cover closely), I suspect this was hand lettered in the gothic/medieval style. Locksley, by Scriptorium, is similar. It also resembles a 19th century face called Oxonian in a type specimen by the British foundry Michaelmas 1883, but again not a spot-on match. A modern version.
  15. Looking for the font for this Ativan ad from 1987.

    Awesome! thanks so much. You appear to be correct on all counts :) I've already traced the Ativan logo by hand, wasn't that tough thankfully. Greatly appreciate your help!
  16. Looking for the font for this Ativan ad from 1987.

    lorazepam may be closer to "Kalko205" from myfonts.
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  18. Looking for the font for this Ativan ad from 1987.

    As a public service, here is a slightly larger sample:
  19. Looking for the font for this Ativan ad from 1987.

    A good starting point for the headline would be Adobe or Linotypes "Perpetua" notice the W. Not exact but very hard to tell from this resolution of image. Ativan looks like it stated life as Kabel Ultra Bold and Lorazepam probably began as Kabel Hairline (there is an alternative "a" in the character set). Kabel has gone through quite a few generations of interpretation by many different font houses, so there are quite a few variations floating about. Neither are exact and were more than likely crafted as logotypes.
  20. You're welcome! I'm glad you found something that works.
  21. JAW, That's indeed nice handwriting font, you're right about the difference weights. I've checked Blambot's fonts before. I've taken your suggestions into consideration and tried them. As you can see on the picture attached, some of the fonts don't work with bolding letters. However, I think Blambot's "Digital Strip 2" font seems close enough to work for me. I would like to thank you for guiding me. Best regards.
  22. Start With The "h"

    Font Tutorial - Glyphs Mini 2
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