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  2. Kasey Loman

    Diamond Fashion Font

    I think that is "Shrikhand Regular"
  3. I received an embroidered Christmas stocking from a customer requesting 3 more stockings with different names, but the same font. I would like to complete his embroidery request for the additional stockings, but have been stumped trying to find this font online, and I hope that someone in here could help me. Any type of font is okay, even close alternatives that have similar features to the "D". Thank you!
  4. DarkDot

    Diamond Fashion Font

    This was used for a fashion brand called diamond. This is the best picture that I could get it, this is a modern boutique brand. I could not find a website or any social media on them. I realize the spacing is artificial. It looks similar to cooper black but the A and O are different. As always any help is greatly appreciated.
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  6. StephNot

    Steph Logo Font

    I have been looking for this font for so long now, someone made me this logo on a forum a while ago, there is an animated version of the font "spilling" i guess its just dripping
  7. My bad! Still, the only one used from the stylistic alternate is the "Ñ". All the others seems to be like the screenshoot from Ralf. Best!
  8. Fast and accurate! Thanks Riccardo!
  9. No, they just used the stylistic alternate for it (here with the others offered by the font): download at MyFonts
  10. AzizMostafa

    Help, is this Arabic?

    Thank you for sharing with Flowers Ya, That's Arabic and I would like to add that Arabic has no Cross Sign and can be without Dots: https://typedrawers.com/discussion/3660/latin-without-cross-sign-and-arabic-without-dots All the best for All with Flowers QB-English.pdf
  11. Thanks Thse I had noted that. Appreciate the info 😃
  12. Just add that the "Ñ" in the original post screenshoot is not the same. I think they used some kind of combination with this other glyph, also in the same font:
  13. Hi there. I'm looking for the font used in the main title of the "Georgia's Stone Mountain" video from Bloomberg QuickTake News YouTube channel. A shorter version of it can also be found in their Twitter account. I've screenshoot the thing but, as it has video behind, online font identificators are useless. I leave you here the links of the original video at the time of the title's appearence: https://youtu.be/n62-AFSXkQI?t=22 Thanks in advance!
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  15. Fournier

    On Kickstarter: Alfa-Beta by Aldo Novarese

    ¶ I just received a message from Archivio Tipografico announcing that their goal was reached. Please read this: Dear Backers, Thank you for your amazing support and enthusiasm for this project. We're truly touched and grateful for the passion you manifested. We can't believe we reached the goal in only five days! We always felt confident that people around the world were wanting to study and research more about typography, type design and the figure of Aldo Novarese. The success of this campaign is for us a great confirmation, but it is also a manifestation of how much you believe in our work and this makes us incredibly proud. After this perfect start, the campaign isn't over. We will keep the hard work going over the next 26 days, carrying on spreading the word, aiming to deliver Alfa-Beta to all the typography enthusiasts around the globe and keeping you proud to have contributed to this project. Thank you again for your help and support. Sincerely, Archivio Tipografico, Matilde Argentero and Lorenzo Bolzoni
  16. Riccardo Sartori

    Tandberg Logo from 1970s

    Possible alternatives may include: URW Linear (rounder, lack horizontal bar on |G|), Grange (wrong |G|).
  17. Riccardo Sartori

    Tandberg Logo from 1970s

    I think it’s a custom logo, possibly based on an horizontally stretched Univers Condensed. download at MyFonts
  18. Kwangle

    Tandberg Logo from 1970s

    Hi All, I have been trying to identify the font used by Norwegian hi-fi company Tandberg from about 1974-1978. This font is probably a custom design used purely for their logo as other methods to identify it have not come up with anything. The scan was taken directly from a piece of hi-fi equipment and is a a bit soft and rounded off due to some processing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  19. Multimediac

    TypDNA, where did you go?

    😪 Wow an email would have been nice. Where did you see this information? Checked emails as far back as 2012 and found no indication they were even stopping business. I would have though as a user I would have been informed. Do you know if there is anyway to get around the validation process other than cracks? Thanks for your help.
  20. Ralf Herrmann

    TypDNA, where did you go?

    As far as I can see they already stopped really promoting it way back around 2011/2012 with the last updates around 2014/2015. I guess they now finally turned everything off.
  21. Multimediac

    TypDNA, where did you go?

    Hi All, I feel like I have missed something here. Where did Type DNA go? Website is blank and I can no longer use the software as I can not validate my license. Does anyone have any clues? Thanks, Tom
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  23. Riccardo Sartori

    Shady Rest Hotel sign font from Petticoat Junction TV Show

    The original was almost surely handpainted, not a font. I was unable to find a match for the recreation, but perhaps something like Old Abe would be closer to the original.
  24. I was looking for the font for the SHADY REST HOTEL that was used on the sign from the TV show, Petticoat Junction. I found this re-creation of the sign on Amazon and was wondering if anyone knew the font used here as I've had no luck identifying the actual font from the TV show.
  25. Fournier

    Which Typeface Software Manager for Mac OS?

    ¶ I finally opted for Suitcase Fusion 10 (v.21). ¶ It's a new compact organization with a brand new vault system.
  26. Fournier

    On Kickstarter: Alfa-Beta by Aldo Novarese

    ¶ The Novarese project is now a reality, my friends. They reached the planned amount of money. What a relief! More than 340 persons supported this book project.
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