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  • Serif | Definition and Translations

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    A small line attached to the end of a stroke in a letter.
    The term is also used for type classification (e.g. serif/sans serif/slab serif).


    Dutch: schreef
    French: empattement
    German: Serife
    Italian: grazia
    Polish: szeryf
    Portuguese: Serifa
    Russian: засечки
    Spanish: remate, patín, (gracia)

    Ralf Herrmann By Ralf Herrmann ()
    Contributors: Riccardo Sartori Manuel Sesma Fernando Díaz Diogo Ramos Moreira Przemysław Sakrajda
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    User Feedback

    Manuel Sesma


    In spanish, "serifa" is a mistake, a bad translation from English. "Gracia" is right but not very usual, and "patín" is common in South America. The very right term is "remate".

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    Ralf Herrmann


    Thanks for all the additions Manuel. We appreciate it! I saw you first commented, but then found the Edit button. So I removed the comments again. 

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