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Buck rogers in the 25th century (1979) retro font type

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Hello all,

I am hoping to find the retro font type used on the cover of 'Buck Rogers in the 25th Century' - (photo attached).

The show initially aired in the late 70's and uses quite a few unique fonts. Given the time period i understand these may have been a custom made font and not a known typography, but it also seems likely that someone somewhere has replicated it! While I am primarily seeking the main headline font used in the attached photo, anyone who knows the other funky font types used in the series it would be greatly helpful and appreciated.


Thank you in advance!



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Riccardo Sartori

The logo is definitely lettering and not a typeface. Some parts of it (especially |G|E|S|) are reminescent of Busorama mixed with a more plain geometric sans serif.


"3D" reminds me of Pump or Blippo (other suggestions for a similar style could include Bauhaus and Motter Tektura).

"PLANET OF ZOOM" could well be some Microgramma/Eurostile Extended derivative, but it is too small and fuzzy to be certain.

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