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  2. Kevin Thompson

    Looking for the font used in this Logo (dhoff)

    Only finding similar: Grifter Bold
  3. Yesterday
  4. Hi, anyone able to recognise this font? I tried a few "ai checkers" but none really worked.. Sadly I only have this screenshot. Thanks
  5. Can you, please, provide more information? ISBN if applicable, year of print, publisher, whether it is already a custom binding etc. Also, if you have the book at hand, can you make a more detailed photo (better focused). This is way too compressed. It looks like a cut out of larger unfocused picture that was scaled up.
  6. ATypI, the global typography association, is pleased to welcome all 8 proposed board members (elected or re-elected) to its Board of Directors.
  7. Last week
  8. Hello! I'm a bookbinder currently working on repairing a book which has the spine typeset in a font which I just can't find. I was wondering if I could get some help in recognizing it. Thank you!
  9. Samwise

    Looking for this Looka font in my logo

    Oh wow, that's crazy fast! Thanks a million! @Gizzmo
  10. Gizzmo

    Looking for this Looka font in my logo

  11. The screenshot is a partial of my business logo, I only received vector files from Looka and not the actual font. Now the company who is making some advertisement needs the font. Tried a few font detectors but no luck finding the actual one. Hope someone here recognises it. Greetings, Sam
  12. Lucy Brown

    Font used in trophy engraving

    I received a perpetual plaque with existing plates I would like to match as closely as possible. I run into this often, but cannot seem to find the font used. The font has multiple lines, all caps and has serifs. Any ideas? Thank you!!
  13. I agree that 粗体 means Bold, but if you Google "Futura 粗体" you'll get the font at Fontke.com (it offers buying option, but I'm not sure about its legality), because Google differentiates between translations. There's a possibility that it was created using this (knock off?) font, without using a font from a specific foundry.
  14. Miss Nobody, the Japanese characters in the name you posted simply mean "Bold"—not enough information to match it to a specific version / foundry. Even with a clean sample (like the one I posted from en.likefont.com), most type-matching software doesn't allow you to search on non-Latin characters. Another alternate: New Hero Bold (counter on δ is more teardrop and style of κ is different). The Google webfont Inter Bold is also quite similar.
  15. By the way: please turn on the OpenType features when you use the font. Looks much better with a tt ligature.
  16. I suggest you to use legal version Kevin found. That said I found the exact font to reproduce it, but as far as I know it's not an official site where you can buy it from a legitimate vendor. It is possible that it was created with this illegal version, but I cannot provide a link. All I can say is name of the font: Futura 粗体
  17. Hi, I am looking for the name of the font in our logo, we down loaded it free a while ago. But I have forgotten the name, I want to find the font again to redownload it, can someone lead me in the right direction?
  18. That's the problem. The database that helped me match it only identified it as Futura Bold, but no foundry ID, and there are dozens of flavors of Futura out there. Unfortunately, very few commercial type sites allow you to view the non-English glyphs, so pinpointing the exact version of Futura has proven difficult. As a substitute, you might like the similar Dromon Bold from fonts.gr.
  19. Ralf Herrmann


    Ferryman is a blackletter typeface for the contemporary reader.
  20. Ralf Herrmann


    Align is a variable serif family that explores flatness as both a concept and a way of being in the world.
  21. what would be a way to replicate this font?
  22. Ralf Herrmann


    Kyoshi features eight different pixel styles. All of these pixel styles are available in a full-color version featuring a gradient across each letter that has a fully customizable palette.
  23. Futura Bold, kerned and line-fitted with skill. Unfortunately, the commercial versions I can find either won't display the Greek characters in preview or aren't as rounded/ideosyncratic as your sample (the top of δ, the little spur on the left upright of the ή, for example).
  24. Ralf Herrmann

    Size of the Didot point

    The context would define what probably works best. I can’t imagine a situation where there would be absolutely no context given.
  25. Hello, I saw this greek poster with the words: "Φτιάξε την δική σου Ιθάκη." Is this custom made or is this an actual font? If it exists, I would appreciate a free alternative.
  26. Emoji Information ℹ️

    Size of the Didot point

    If you encountered a measure given in Didot points (‘dd’ for brevity) and the exact age and origin of the source was unknown, which conversion factor would you probably choose? 15 dd = 16 pt (Anglo-centric) 1 pt := 351.4 µm (JIS) ⇒ 1 dd = 374.82(6) µm 72.27 pt ≈ 1 in ⇒ 1 dd ≈ 374.890 µm 72 pt := 1 in ⇒ 1 dd = 376.(296) µm 8 dd = 3 mm ⇔ 2 dd = 3 Q ⇒ 1 dd = 375 µm (DIN nominal) 864 dd = 1 pois du roi ⇔ 72 dd = 1 pouce du roi ⇔ 1 dd = 2 tp (Truchet) 133 dd := 5 cm ⇒ 1 dd ≈ 375.93985 µm (Berthold) 41559 dd = 15625 mm ⇒ 1 dd ≈ 375.971510 µm (revolutionary France) 1 dd := 376 µm 1 dd := 376.065 µm (DIN) 11 dd = 12 fp (Fournier) ⇒ 1 dd ≈ 376.26 µm 1 dd := 0.01483 in = 376.682 µm 12 dd = 1 cc := 0.178 in ⇒ 1 dd = 376.7(6) µm
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