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  3. where to obtain Clarendon outlined font versions

    You have an outline version of Clarendon in the Dover 24 Outline Display Fonts CD-ROM. They call it Clarendon Outline-Regular but it looks more a Bold one to me:
  4. “Story tale, is a new type family for wonderous, romantic, magical and playful narratives brought to you by Resitenza.”
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  6. Can Paint.NET create this effect for font?

    It probably can be achieved in most image editors. It’s just a matter of how much work it is. For popular editors such as Photoshop, there are probably lots of free and commercial one-click options available. If they don’t exist, you need to do it all manually. Mask the image in the background. Add the embossing. Add the glare effect on top … Not sure what tutorials you have looked at so far, but I would search for things like “chrome text in [app]”, “metal text”, “glossy text” to get you started.
  7. Your samples may be horizontally scaled/distorted. It is possible the phone number is in Century Oldstyle Std Roman, and the lettering is in Eurostile Demi, but a clean sample is needed to be sure.
  8. Hello fellow fonters I have been searching youtube for a tutorial on how to make a font that is raised and it has an artificial reflection. That is it looks a bit like a mirror when it is complete. I have uploaded my favourite example of what I am talking about. It is a cool text effect and it is used for novel cover.
  9. Help with licence

    Almost certainly yes. Here is some additional information.
  10. ANSWERED Looking for this font from a laundry

    Mistreated Balloon: download at MyFonts
  11. I need to know what this font is called, I have tried all of the identification tools online but had no luck. Hope you can help.
  12. These 2 fonts were used in a Geico Ad - created some time in the last 20 years. Sorry I don't have the time frame narrowed more. I need help identifying what fonts each of these are please! & thank you :)
  13. Help with licence

    Hello For a project I would like to use an open source font to modify it and create a new font i’ve found various open Source with different kind of licence and I’m confuse because there is a lot of different licences out there and I’m confuse Wich one one should I prefer? Is Apache licence allowing me to do what I want? thanks a lot !!
  14. Letterpress Collective

    Bringing slumbering presses back to life to engage with artists, writers and community projects in Bristol. The Letterpress Collective, run by Nick Hand and Ellen Bills, is teaching both type composition and printing skills in Bristol. The Letterpress Collective has spent 2013 gathering beautiful wood and lead type as well as collecting amazing printing presses including a lovely Heidelberg Windmill Platen (winched out of the store MShed by dockside crane), a Stephenson Blake proofing press and a set of nice little Adana hand presses.
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  16. Typefaces from TypeMedia 2017

    “The Master TypeMedia at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, NL, is a one year programme that delves into type design and typography for different contexts including print, screens and interactive media.”
  17. Netflix unveils Netflix Sans

    Netflix has unveiled a new custom typeface to be used across the streaming platform’s brand identity, developed by the in-house design team in partnership with foundry Dalton Maag.
  18. A typeface is not a tool

    “The assertion “a typeface is a tool” is a typical justification for making new typefaces. It’s convenient, reassuring and sounds practical. It’s also false …”
  19. Fontsmith launches FS Industrie

    “Fontsmith launches FS Industrie, a new adaptive type system designed around five different widths and seven different weights, creating a total of 70 different variants (including italics).”
  20. where to obtain Clarendon outlined font versions

    For example: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vectr/id1204645754?mt=12
  21. @Kevin Thompson thank you very much thank you gurus you guys are amazing
  22. Trying to find the font used for Fruit Stripe gum, as seen in the image here from their website: The company started in the 1960s, I think? But this font was in popular use during the 1990s. Hoping to find a free version digitally, but not opposed to a commercial version, or a close match alternative. Thanks, all! Hope everyone is doing well :)
  23. Great little moment with DDL on the Janet typeface around the 11 minute mark.
  24. cd font for artist "Fuel"

    here's a slightly better image:
  25. ANSWERED A Website Called Talkhaus

    Trebuchet (Windows system font) download at MyFonts
  26. At talkhaus.raocow.com, in a post, this font is used, but I don't know what it is. Please tell me if someone knows. Thank you.
  27. AW Conquerer Didot Large for "SOFIA," Xtreem for "The factor."
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