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  2. Font from Business Insider videos

    I guess it’s Fakt Condensed:
  3. M&S branding font

    Ah ok, had a feeling that might be the case. Thanks for finding that out Ralf.
  4. M&S branding font

    Front the font meta data: M&S London (M&S Fonts) are the property of Marks & Spencer and are protected by intellectual property rights to the fullest extent anywhere in the world. Designed by Monotype Design Studio.
  5. M&S branding font

    Hello, have you guys got any idea which font is used in this image? It's from British department store called M&S and can be seen here throughout there website too: I've got a feeling it may be a custom font to be honest, but I'm not sure. thanks very much.
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  7. Hi, anybody know the fonts name from Buisness Insider videos? Kind Regards,
  8. Tks for the feedback Riccardo, it was really helpful your feedback. As for the font, a similar font will do the deal , it was a request from a client and Amplify will do just fine! Tks /AM
  9. What is Venom subtitle albuns font?

    Thank you! <3
  10. What is Venom subtitle albuns font?
  11. Mark Simonson released Proxima Soft

    Thanks, Riccardo!
  12. Mark Simonson released Proxima Soft

    Perhaps interestingly, Proxima Nova Soft was originally developed as a 4 weights webfont variant for MyFont’s user interface. In related news, I wish to congratulate @Mark Simonson on joining Type Network.
  13. Backslanted

  14. Skin color Emoji coming

    I wonder if they intentionally took this kind of infinite patches route just to appear busy and justify a regular schedule of meetings…
  15. Skin color Emoji coming

    Once you opened Pandora’s box …
  16. It could well be a custom graphic and not a typeface. After a cursory search, I haven’t found a match. But perhaps you could find interesting something out of this list.
  17. It could be, but That’s not enough nowadays to determine it. Recently OpenType features like the automatic substitution of the last letter in a word are becoming more common (see, for example, Vernon Adam’s Pacifico) (unfortunately, software support is still uncommon). Looking for similar typefaces, most of them have a more modulated stroke width, and I didn’t have found that kind of shape for |p|. As @Ralf Herrmann said, if you need to replicate the exact words, it will be easier to trace it from the image. If you need a font for a more extensive use, a likely candidate could perhaps be one of several Måns Grebäck’s monoline scripts, such as Amplify, Artely Inks, Haydon Brush, all of which offer alternate letters. download at MyFonts
  18. I am interested in the font of the words "Upside Down" attached below in the image. The P, E, W, and N are all distinctive, but I have had no luck using automatic font identifiers. This image came from Any help would be appreciated!
  19. If it is in fact handwritten, then no font will come close. You better replicate it by redrawing it.
  20. I'm trying to find a more accurate font to replicate this logo, the thing is, it's probably a hand written font (the "O"'s are not similar in the 2 words") I've done a search with letters apart as you can see on the white picture to be easy to be identified by myfonts, but I'm getting poor results. Anyone can help me, to find a match for this font? Tks in advance, AM
  21. Type Days Ljubljana 2017

  22. My boss tells me this is papyrus....or not...

    By the way, is that the best image you have? Or it is somewhat “optimised” for automated font recognition? If the latter, next time a plain image would be better for human font recogniotion
  23. My boss tells me this is papyrus....or not...

    Your boss is almost certainly right. Judging by the |A|, it is Papyrus EF, (which is subtly different from ITC/Linotype Papyrus). It even has the long |L| and |R| alternates.
  24. My boss told me this logo was done in papyrus font (I know, it’s frowned upon in design circles--I didn’t come up with it!) Based on the long tail of the L and the R/A and R/Y connecting, it’s definitely not standard papyrus. I’ve put it into multiple font identifying pages and there are a few close ones, but none of them are a match. Any help would be absolutely wonderful and help me from pulling out any more hair :)
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