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  2. Helvetica Bold Rounded with a Few Oddly Curved Ends

    Can you clarify the question please. What are you looking for? Similar fonts? It’s definitely not just set in an available font.
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  4. Helvetica Bold Rounded with a Few Oddly Curved Ends

    This is only similar to Helvetica Rounded Bold although that font may have been used as a basis for the idea. There are significant differences. I doubt this was ever done as a complete font, only as a logo. The company is no longer in business.
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  7. Peters Big game Ammunition

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate it I'll check them out.
  8. Peters Big game Ammunition

    Belwe Bold would be my choice for something with a similar feel as "Peters". Clearface Gothic for the "Big Game Ammunition".
  9. Peters Big game Ammunition

    Thanks guys, do you know any specific type that might have a similar feel as the Peters?
  10. Peters Big game Ammunition

    I'm also going to call the Big Game Ammunition line as handlettering because the diagonals where they connect to the vertical stems on the /M's differ slightly between them and so do the /N's, in a greater amount. So bottom line: the poster is all custom lettering although there are some sans types that might reasonably substitute for the Big Game Ammunition line.
  11. Peters Big game Ammunition

    While it’s clear you don’t expect the lettering to be a typeface, it’s less clear if you are looking to reproduce just “Peters”, or also “Big Game Ammunition”. The second part would be relatively easier, while finding something with all the right quirks for “Peters” would be highly improbable. Greater Albion Typefounders has produced a vast amount of typefaces (each one of which typically sports numerous variations) based on or inspired by period lettering. Unfortunately the quality isn’t always outstanding, but perhaps you can find something suitable there.
  12. Peters Big game Ammunition

    The word "Peters" is handlettered. The rest of it might be type, so if you can provide more information about the poster, such as its approximate age and country of origin, it would be very helpful. It's a very nice poster, by the way; I like the art. [edit] I did a bit of research. Peters was a US company during the 20s-30s then became Remington-Peters.
  13. Peters Big game Ammunition

    I doubt a font like this exists. It’s a really quirky custom lettering job probably.
  14. Peters Big game Ammunition

    Hello I was wondering if anyone knew a font that was made after the Peters Big Game Ammunition magazine cover or something that is very close to it? Thank you in advance, Ruel.
  15. Serif

    Thanks for all the additions Manuel. We appreciate it! I saw you first commented, but then found the Edit button. So I removed the comments again.
  16. Serif

    In spanish, "serifa" is a mistake, a bad translation from English. "Gracia" is right but not very usual, and "patín" is common in South America. The very right term is "remate".
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  18. BITSCON Bangkog

  19. San Serif with (literally) a little flare

    Cheers, Ralf. That's great. No wonder it looked familiar! Really dug me out of a hole there. Thanks a million.
  20. San Serif with (literally) a little flare

    Tesco’s custom font I believe.
  21. Anyone help with identifying the font in the attached image? Seems to be a fairly standard contemporary sans serif, like Myriad or Bliss, but has a quirky little flare of the top left of the capitals and ascenders. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  22. The Noblest Roman

  23. is there a "Helvetica Rounded Extended"?

    Wow!!! I spent 3+ hours looking for it. That looks just like it - thank you very much
  24. is there a "Helvetica Rounded Extended"?

    If it is not completely rounded, it could be "Trio Grotesk" as well.
  25. is there a "Helvetica Rounded Extended"?

    With this small sample it might not be possible to identify the font without doubt, but my best guess would be: download at MyFonts Found it after a suggestion of Yves Peters.
  26. Hi all, I'm looking for what I can only guess to be "Helvetica Rounded Extended". Unfortunately, the only example I have is a very small bitmap image that all the online font finding apps can't identify. Perhaps someone could see these examples and pick out the font. Looking at the "S" & the "O" the font seems somewhat squashed, that is why I guessed it as extended. Any advice would be great appreciated. Thank you.
  27. Unfinished lists

    Thanks! It seems it needs the “www”, for some reason:
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