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  1. Yesterday
  2. Ralf Herrmann

    Elvira Serif

    Elvira Serif is a typeface family that proposes to make the use of display serifs a little more fun, including in its anatomy some sharp points, ink traps implanted in some glyphs, and the formality of a traditional serif.
  3. Kevin Thompson

    Help identifying a font from metal type

    If there is a g in the sample you posted, I must have missed it (I see several q|s, but no g). If you click the link I provided, and go to the info links on the far right, you can access various specimens of Akzidenz-Grotesk over the years. The lowercase a in your sample has a straight stem (no flare out at the bottom), but both styles occur in AG, depending on the weight. Can you post an image of your double-story g?
  4. Waljoh

    Help identifying a font from metal type

    Thanks for the input Kevin! There are some slight differences between this and Akzidenz-Grotesk Condensed but but definitely a close derivative as you say. One of the more noticeably differences is the double story "g" (single story in Akzidenz) if I'm not mistaken.
  5. Ralf Herrmann


    Rigby started as a retail version of a custom typeface developed for NTR, a Dutch public broadcaster specializing in information, education and culture.
  6. Last week
  7. Hello, I am trying to identify this sans serif that was used on Saul Leiter's letterhead in the 60s in New York. It's a scan from an original document, that's why it looks so distressed. I have found a few close matches, but not a 100% one (Century Gothic, Wes FY Reg being the closest). Any other suggestion?
  8. Kevin Thompson

    Malibu Cigarettes Advertisement 1989

    Sorry, not finding a match. Given the age, it may well have been custom lettered. Feltpen Medium has a very similar vibe, as does Inform.
  9. Very similar to Gothic Extended / AWT W&W Gothic Extended (save for the R). Better for the R, but lacking the thick/thin contrast: Retrive Even better for the R, but you'd have to flip the A: Dassault
  10. Kevin Thompson

    Help identifying a font from metal type

    Almost certainly Akzidenz-Grotesk Condensed or a close derivative.
  11. Hello can anyone help identify this font or a similar one from a Malibu Cigarettes Advertisement from 1989
  12. I've got this display font from a print shop (est. 1912) in Sweden and I photographed it and currently making a bitmap font of it (image is from early work in progress), but want to credit the designer in some way. Point size is ca 72 pt and the bottom of the type has this bevel which I understand is an "older" phenomena.
  13. Ralf Herrmann

    Crafting Type Melbourne

    Crafting Type is an intense 3–day workshop where absolute beginners learn how to design typefaces and intermediate type designers boost their skills. We run it around the world at cities large and small to bring you a solid start in type design. You may not be considering a career as a type designer. Many people we meet at our workshops have already established great careers as web designers, graphic designers, artists, architects, or illustrators. Sometimes we see repeat customers, who travel in from another city to attend the same workshop a second time — with no intention of becoming a professional type designer, ever. http://craftingtype.com
  14. Oh cool thank you, that's what I was looking for. Any record of a Copperplate Gothic variation that includes the median spur ?
  15. The first ones, without the median spur, are variations of Copperplate Gothic.
  16. Hello, I'm looking for 3 variations of the same font that were used for the SEGA CD logo, on some Monster Energy cans, in Warhammer 40K (Darktide) and elsewhere, but I couldn't tell where exactly. They seem to be pretty common fonts, and I'd like to use them, but I can't find them anywhere online. Here are some pictures of the fonts I'm talking about: https://imgur.com/b3ijApO https://imgur.com/vSUwGkq https://imgur.com/tQfTDuB Can anyone tell me what font it is?
  17. The Bend Garage

    1977 - 1979 Seattle Mariners Logo font

    Thanks for the help with this!
  18. mshiremanNK

    1977 - 1979 Seattle Mariners Logo font

    A little more research indicates that it is indeed ITC Serif Gothic, but that many of the alternate characters included in the original typeface were never digitized and included in any of the digital font versions (see right hand section of the image for the tilted "e").
  19. The Bend Garage

    1977 - 1979 Seattle Mariners Logo font

    yes that is possible - I guess its also possible that the whole thing was created as a graphic
  20. mshiremanNK

    1977 - 1979 Seattle Mariners Logo font

    I think it's most likely hand modified (rotated) to get that effect in the logo 🙂
  21. The Bend Garage

    1977 - 1979 Seattle Mariners Logo font

    Yes that ITC Serif Gothic is very close but the lower case e is different and my client likes that e in the Mariners logo - thanks for the reply, much appreciated
  22. mshiremanNK

    1977 - 1979 Seattle Mariners Logo font

    Reminds me of a modified ITC Serif Gothic Black https://www.myfonts.com/products/std-black-serif-gothic-369796
  23. Perhaps something like this: http://www.crazydiamond.co.uk/fonts/17c.html
  24. I think some version of Federal is the right choice, but I suspect the dimensional and engraved aspects are custom
  25. Ok, here is something I did not know which is a bit shameful because I should have known this: https://www.dictionary.com/e/theletteru/#:~:text=First%2C in the 1500s%2C Italian,it in his print shop.
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