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  2. Does anyone know this cool font?

    Thanks a lot!!! :) :) :)
  3. Does anyone know this cool font?

    get it here:
  4. Does anyone know this cool font?

    Crystal Sky Alt.
  5. Hi, i'm looking for this cool font, i just can't find it anywhere. Could someone possibly help me findig out what's the name of this one? Thanks a lot!
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  7. any help with this amazing font will be appreciated! more images of it & great design btw... Thanks a lot T
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  9. Blackletter font

    Yes that's it, thank you!
  10. Does anyone know this Blackletter style font?

    Found it: House of Lime’s Graphik Text.
  11. Does anyone know this Blackletter style font?

    The best I could find is Intellecta Design’s Gothic Trashed, which is rougher but clearly drawn from the same source: download at MyFonts You could try to contact designer Paulo W for pointers regarding origin and availability of the style.
  12. I am working on a logo for a client and they found a graphic with this font on it. It look like a blackletter style font. Rochester is close for the lowercase, but way off on the uppercsase. Does anyone know what this font is? -Thank you- -C
  13. Blackletter font

    You only need the W? That’s what an auto-trace in Illustrator produces. (see attached PDF) blackletter-W.pdf
  14. Blackletter font

    Well we have already used the font on hats for my son's team so we wanted use it for vinyl cutouts etc. I know we can import the image into various machines that would do this just not sure how clean it will be. Just wanted a clean version of this letter. Thanks again
  15. Blackletter font

    What do you need it for? We can certainly recommend free or commercial alternatives. It’s not like that general style isn’t available as digital fonts.
  16. Blackletter font

    Thanks again I asked the manufacture and they were kind enough to email me back. The designers digitized the font to make a custom font. :( Oh well. I can cut and paste but not make fonts :)
  17. Blackletter font

    Thank you
  18. Blackletter font

    Not in the way it is used in that shop. But it might be based on a font, as the other letter styles in the shop menu. So I put the image here, so maybe others can recognize it.
  19. Blackletter font

    Yes, is it an actual font?
  20. Blackletter font

    I see. So here are more letters:
  21. Blackletter font

    It's from a website called you have to build hat. capbuilder tab choose a hat select front design choose team letter choose a font pull down select MEDIEVAL Thanks!
  22. Petite caps

  23. Your favorite version of Caslon?

    Here are a few images of the Giampa Caslon.
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