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  2. Can you please identify this font?? it is a Glossier sticker they use same font every year. This one is 2018. Thank you!
  3. Hi, Can anyone help me either identify the attached font OR suggest a similar bold geometric font? I need it for headlines. Thanks M
  4. Yesterday
  5. Alexofont

    How to design subtitle fonts

    Hello, I'm actually design a font for subtitles, and I'm searching information about it to make the proper decitions, so I'm searching information about dynamic environments and witch characteristics needs a font to work weel in those media. Any suggestions?
  6. Thanks. We are also dubious on whether ZORA will be displayed in that font as well. I think this answers the question!
  7. Ralf Herrmann

    The Tilbury Press

    The Tilbury Press is a private press located near the Pacific Ocean in Bondi, Australia. They produce posters and prints using inks that are hand mixed, on presses that are hand operated. Unlike digital artwork which can be infinitely manipulated, letterpress is about working with and exploiting the limited resources at hand. Armed with sometimes incomplete, battered and mismatching fonts the goal is to produce a fresh piece of typographic communication — beautifully.
  8. Ralf Herrmann

    What is Typography

    To define the term typography we need to consider two main aspects: Typography as a technique Typography as an art Typography as a technique means to use prefabricated letters (“type”) and arrange them to display text and other visual elements. These prefabricated letters come from sets of letters, called fonts. Even though it is not the first use in history, today’s understanding of typography is linked to the invention and use of moveable type by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century. The technique of typography must be distinguished from calligraphy and lettering—where in both cases—no prefabricated letters are being used. Calligraphy means to write letters in an artistic way and lettering means to create letter forms for one specific design with techniques such as drawing, painting, carving et cetera. Ways to display/print letters: typography, calligraphy, lettering But not everyone who writes is a calligrapher and in the same way, not everyone who uses prefabricated letters is a typographer. If we talk about typography, we might not only mean the technique alone, but also the craft and art of it. The skilled arrangement of letters in ways to make them convey a certain mood or meaning; to make them appealing, legible and so on. That is the art of typography and depending on the context this can also be an important part of the definition of the term typography. It’s also a much broader definition, since the teachings of typography not only start with moveable type, but also include the knowledge of how writing systems have evolved before in the invention of moveable type.
  9. Ralf - whatever it is trademark, name, image - the picture word ZORA still looks like Times New Roman to me.
  10. Doom Ronie

    Font programming screenshot

    Is from windows, Atom editor, monospaced font
  11. Ralf Herrmann

    Font programming screenshot

    “Somewhere” is not a proper source description. Please be more specific.
  12. Doom Ronie

    Font programming screenshot

    Hello, I saw the photo somewhere and I can't identify the font Is monospaced type, look at the slashed zero from the line number gutter and the type of curly braces
  13. I am unconvinced the image (and in turn the font it is made with) even has relevance. Isn’t it just the trademark of a name?
  14. Looks very much like Times New Romans
  15. Last week
  16. General Motors has trademarked 'ZORA' in a number of countries. The name is always shown in capital letters, but for China and Korea, GM had to submit a graphic of the font, which is the same for both countries. I have included a copy of the Chinese trademark registration which shows the font. I am looking for the name of the font and thanks again for your help in identifying.
  17. ITC Souvenir Light or Medium https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/itc/souvenir/
  18. Ralf Herrmann

    Editorial Font Classification

    I wouldn’t say this points to a specific classification category. It’s just a feature of text typefaces that developed over time. The “old style” fonts didn’t have it yet … download at MyFonts After them came the “transitional” fonts with a tear-drop shape … download at MyFonts And actual ball terminals came with the “Didone” typefaces. download at MyFonts
  19. They manufactured soft top surfboards for beginners years ago but can't find any information on them now. These images are pulled from online auctions of used boards. I feel like its a common font but can't place it. Feel like the R and A are the more distinctive letters.
  20. It appears on the Episode 14 of Season 3 and it says: 深淵闇躯
  21. Ralf Herrmann

    Source Serif Pro

    Not anymore: https://github.com/adobe-fonts/source-serif-pro
  22. nickelphillips

    Editorial Font Classification

    This is an example of a type of font commonly used in newspapers and other editorial, text-heavy publications. One of its features is ball terminals. I am wondering if there is a name for these types of editorial fonts (beyond "serifs," of course).
  23. oobimichael

    ANSWERED Subtle, Takeo by Kenya Hara

    Van Condensed Bold (Vanarchiv) https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/rsantos/van-condensed/
  24. Hello, I am trying to identify this typeface, seen on the cover of Take Subtle book. anyone can help? thank you
  25. Mikeey

    Looking for free font similar to Caslon

    Hi again. Thought I should let you know that when I asked paratype if I could sell printed books and distribute free sample PDFs on a different license, I got this reply: "You may sell printed books and distribute one chapter of the book for free as a PDF under the terms of desktop license." I think he misunderstood what I was trying to ask when I asked about the desktop license - probably because I mentioned that I would be uploading PDFs to Amazon, but didn't stress that all I'd be selling is books printed from these PDFs. So your initial thoughts on the desktop license were correct after all. However, after all that I decided that the Petersburg font - like the Caslon and Cormorant Garamond fonts - are too formal and 'lecturing' somehow (stuffy even); and I decided that Crimson Text is more kind of inviting people to consider the ideas rather than saying 'this is how it is so listen up'. Thanks again for all your input, Greg. Best wishes Mike
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