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  2. “Pulpo is a friendly and comfortable looking slab serif typeface suitable for running text – a Clarendon using the skeleton of Century Schoolbook. Massive body well readable on screen and on newsprint paper.”
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  4. Riccardo Sartori

    Notable free super-families

    Just an oversight. But you should be able to add it yourself if you think it needs to be listed. A number of families in this list are already listed in either one or both “best of” lists of serif or sans serif free typeface families.
  5. Greg Yerbury

    Notable free super-families

    What I meant instead of it being listed once under super family it got two separate mentions.
  6. _De_Leon_

    Notable free super-families

    I guess not strange since Alegreya has both. But it is a super superfamily, as good as any paid one. Background: I redesigned our website when our new cost-cutting CEO decided to move our design department from Adobe to free alternatives. So I had to move our website from Mrs/ Mr Eaves. Keeping with the cost-cutting approach, I tried many fonts, settling on Alegreya. At first, I thought I'd be giving up a lot, but I was shocked when I realized I PREFERRED to free font to the well-regarded paid one. As an FYI, I also tried Source, PT and Merriweather and found them okay, but less versatile. I more or less agree with the writer's grades.
  7. Greg Yerbury

    Notable free super-families

    Strangely Alegreya is entered under sans and serif.
  8. _De_Leon_

    Notable free super-families

    Hey, what about Alegreya? To me, it's the best free superfamily of all -- there's serif and sans serif, with proper bold, italic and small caps for both. The letterforms are beautiful, especially the serif at large sizes. I've been using them to design a series of posters at work & I've transitioned to using it on our website, catalog and to save on page-view charges. And yet, I've NEVER felt like I'd compromised. And our CEO loves me for it too.... 🙂
  9. nutmeg

    Bruce Black open 508

    Definitely a success. Thanks again.
  10. Ralf Herrmann


    A design by Rui Abreu.
  11. Ralf Herrmann


    A font by Nina Stössinger
  12. Ralf Herrmann

    FF Balance

    A FontFont by Evert Bloemsma.
  13. Ralf Herrmann


    A font by Roland Hörmann
  14. Ralf Herrmann


    A font by Resistenza
  15. Ralf Herrmann


    designed by Adam Ladd
  16. Ralf Herrmann


    Designed by David Jonathan Ross
  17. Ralf Herrmann

    Modern reverse-contrast Fonts

    Instead of the vertical lines being the same width or thicker than horizontals, a reverse-contrast font has the horizontal lines which are thicker than verticals. This list collects modern designs with this feature, but excluding the highly decorative reverse-contrast designs of the 19th century.
  18. Ralf Herrmann


    Brush pen font from Lettersiro with swashes in a separate font.
  19. Gecko

    Bruce Black open 508

    Riccardo maybe WE nailed it. Lets call it success.
  20. Gecko

    Bruce Black open 508

  21. Gecko

    Bruce Black open 508

    Nutmeg use this version I opened up the incised areas I I think it is sweeter.The Darwen News Masthead.eps
  22. nutmeg

    Bruce Black open 508

    Wow! Thanks so much Gecko!
  23. Gecko

    Bruce Black open 508

    Adobe Illustrator.
  24. Greg Yerbury

    Bruce Black open 508

    what programme did you do that in?
  25. Gecko

    Bruce Black open 508

  26. Gecko

    Bruce Black open 508

    Nutmeg here is an editable vector file of the masthead log you require. Simply download and you can edit it if you like in Adobe Illustrator, or any other vector based drawing program. The Darwen News Masthead.eps
  27. Riccardo Sartori

    answered Looking for the font of this interZona's book

    Andralis: download at MyFonts
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