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  2. MissNobody

    Looking for font from MLB The Show 23

    Looks like Hero Sandwich.
  3. Hey i've been trying to identify this font for a couple months and I have still not found anything similar. I was wondering if anybody could identify the font used for the "BOOMSTICK!" and other nicknames (ex. 5280's!, and The Captain!) because font identifier websites have not been able to identify it. It is part of the Incognito series of cards added into the game.
  4. Yesterday
  5. This is not a font in the sense we usually talk about here on a typography website. It’s engraved with an engraving machine and the fonts need to be available as templates for that machine. So, you would have to check with people who have engraving machines and see what they can offer.
  6. I’m afraid you found all the available information already. Not every letterpress font was turned into a phototypesetting font and not every phototypesetting font was turned into a digital font or remained available as such. That’s just the way it is. I would usually check Fonts in Use for information about versions, but you have already done that. BQ fonts are or were Berthold fonts, but the foundry went bankrupt and the fonts floating around on the internet are outdated and don’t have a proper license. Some of their fonts were continued by an US successor, but it is defunct now as well and the rights went to Monotype. But Palatino is not among those fonts.
  7. Last week
  8. Side plate that only 900 were made, I am trying to do an accurate recreation for a Veteran. TIA Zach
  9. Further to the above, I've found a similar font: Palatino BQ Roman. MOST of the glyphs seem to be the same, except the letters vwxyz , all of which look very different and almost like they are from a different font entirely. Note that the only place I could find mention of this font was on fontke, which I don't think is a legitimate source, so the font file its based on might very well be corrupt/wonky in some way. If anyone knows a better alternative, I'm still very interested to know what it might be.
  10. Ralf Herrmann

    Bankside Sans

    Bankside Sans is an early British grotesque sans typeface, reinterpreted for modern users.
  11. Ralf Herrmann

    Bankside Serif

    Bankside Serif is an industrial serif typeface designed to support and complement Bankside Sans.
  12. Looks like IvyPresto (Display Thin).
  13. I have made some research and seems to be quite close to Joane Pro but this one seems to be a condensed version. Maybe it's another font. I found it in an instagram post https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cz2ghDarZ0K/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== https://wtypefoundry.com/typefaces/joane-pro https://wtypefoundry.com/typefaces/joane Any help will be really appreciated
  14. I would like to know where I can find the nearest approximation to the font used in the Fighting Fantasy book "Legend of the Shadow Warriors", published by Puffin in 1991, and used in many of their subsequent books. The font is given in the inside front cover as "Monophoto Palatino". Apparently there is no digital version of this (according to this page I found discussing it: https://fontsinuse.com/uses/35023/germany-and-the-germans-by-john-ardagh). A contributor on that page did mention they had 'made' a similar font themselves from other fonts they found (like 'Palmer') but I can't see any way to contact them to ask them for it. The font itself is very similar to Palatino Linotype, but the 'long' letters are longer while the 'small' letters are smaller. See my screenshots for comparison where I've overlaid Palatino Linotype with the text on the page. I'd be very grateful of anyone can point me to where/how I can obtain a digital font that is the same (or close enough to the same that any differences are not really noticeable).
  15. Ralf Herrmann

    Playpen Sans

    Playpen Sans has seven versions of each casual character, a built-in shuffler so no single shape is repeated in close proximity, and emojis.
  16. Ralf Herrmann


    The design was inspired by the lettering stamped into stoneware manufactured there throughout the 19th century at the Athens Pottery Works by Nathan Clark Senior and his partners and descendants.
  17. wildanimal

    Bessemer Fire Department font ID

    Thank you for your help! I am just gonna run with that one and modify the M.
  18. BarbWirella

    Trying to ID this script font with swirls

    Wow that was a very quick reply and I think you are absolutely right, thank you so much!!
  19. Kevin Thompson

    Bessemer Fire Department font ID

    Sorry, it's the closest match I can find....
  20. MissNobody

    Trying to ID this script font with swirls

    Looks like Arkina.
  21. wildanimal

    Bessemer Fire Department font ID

    Kevin, thanks for the reply. I thought that too, but the E in the Century font just doesn't seem spot on.
  22. Kevin Thompson

    Bessemer Fire Department font ID

    Century Oldstyle Bold, with a modification of the M (extended the vertex below the baseline).
  23. Not sure if swirl is the correct description but it has this special chars to use as first or last letter of a word. Commercial font is fine, free alternatives of course too 🙂 I saw it on a sticker sheet and I think its just beautiful, thank you for help!
  24. ARETE is a project of the UCLAB at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. The central result of the project is the interactive visualization of the history of the Latin alphabet.
  25. I made this lettering years ago for a local fire dept and they need it again. I cannot for the life of me remember what this font was, nor can I find it. I lost alot of old lettering files years ago, so nothing to go back on. If anyone could help indentify the name of this font, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks In Advance!
  26. MissNobody

    St. Judes Children's Hospital handwriting font

    Looks like Mathilde.
  27. I'm a monthly donor to St. Judes Children's Hospital. I received a letter from and the font used on the envelope was one I feel in love with. I would like to use it for my iMac [pages]. Sample attached
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