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  3. I had an online designer create my logo a while back and she claims to not have back ups for last year, so she can't tell me the name of the font she used. I'd like to get the same or as close as possible as the green lettering "positively frosted" for some additional branding materials. Exact would be great, but I would be happy with something similar as well.
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  5. ANSWERED In the World Coolest

    Thank you!!
  6. It would surprise me if this is a font... Different n's, i's s's, t's,...
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  8. Type Days Ljubljana 2018

    This winter we are organizing a workshop in co-production with Poligon – creative center, which is located in the heart of Ljubljana, Slovenia. We are going to focus on effective workflow from calligraphy and sketching to the font. As usually we start the workshop fully hands-on and kick off with drawing the type. Further on we continue building a firm concept for a type or a type family. Later, each participant will work on his/her individual typeface in a digital environment. On the last day, the designs of all participants are evaluated and exhibited as large high quality prints. Methods and techniques Along basic and advanced lectures on type design you get known with basic calligraphic principles, drawing skills and developing the concept of the typeface. You will be guided step by step throughout the digital workflow: scan preparation, correct vector paths, curve optimisation, automated tasks and prototyping the font. Daily routine We start our day with a morning coffee and croissants served at 9 am in Poligon. A lecture with demonstration at 10 am, lunch break at 1pm, individual work during the day and group consultations at 5 pm. Refreshment breaks anytime of the day. Mentor This year our mentor is Alja Herlah. She holds MA from Graphic and Interactive Communications where she focused on designing non-Latin typefaces. After the graduation she broaden her skills as Font Developer in Atlas Font Foundry, Berlin. She is currently living in London, working as Junior Font Developer at DaltonMaag. Who can participate? Students of graphic design, typography, architecture and all other people interested in designing type. We expect some basic experience with type, but there is also a place for greenhorns. Our agenda is to connect people with different skills and backgrounds. You are welcome to bring your own ideas and sketches of type you want to work on them. Tools needed Bring your favourite drawing tools (fineliners, markers, pencils, pens, white-out, a sketchbook, …). A laptop computer is required, we prefer the application Glyphs or FontLab. However, if you work with any other font editor this is not an obstacle. The workshop crew will provide transparent paper and other stationery. Workshop fee 280€ (265€ students) includes breakfast, refreshments and all the tools needed. The price also includes annual Tipo Brda membership (professionals: 30 €, students: 15 €) for all the participants. Only bank transfers are accepted. The complete sum needs to be paid in advance by 4 Feb 2018. In case of cancellation we keep 10 % administrative costs. Application process Briefly present your type design projects if you have them already or just add a link to your portfolio. Tell us something about you: name, faculty, country, phone, your skills etc. Keep it short and sweet. Send it to info (at) tipobrda (dot) com – deadline: Friday 2 Feb 2018 Wait for notification by Monday 5 Feb 2018 – we will get in touch with all the participants to inform you with additional details. http://www.tipobrda.com
  9. Second book of Keith Houston after „Shady Characters”. „The Book” is about the paper, ink, thread, glue and board from which a book is made. It’s an amazing travel through history of this 2,000 year-old medium: from tablets and papyrus scrolls to hard covers and paperbacks we have today. It’s a must-have for anyone interested in history of book making, but also for editorial designers and printers.
  10. Shady Characters

    I’m a big fan of Keith Houston's publications. The book really makes you want to dig more into history of punctuation marks and makes you think before you use them in your artwork. The book has been translated to Polish: „Ciemne typki”, translated by Magdalena Komorowska, published by d2d.pl, hard cover and sewn with threads, ISBN 978-83-940306-2-9
  11. Musée de l’Imprimerie Lyon

    It's the best museum for typography, print and graphic design I've ever visited. You can spend hours there looking at all machines, presses and artworks. Highly recommended! You can get a return Eurostar ticket from London for about £90, so it's a nice weekend trip.
  12. Hard to be absolutely sure given the size and resolution of the sample, but Cubano by Chandler Van De Water/Lost Type seems a decent match....
  13. Safe Harbor Logo

    Try Caslon 223!
  14. Safe Harbor Logo

    Second thoughts Caslon 224 from either Agfa or ITC or some other foundry.
  15. Safe Harbor Logo

    I would say someone started out with a version of Tiffany and then did a fair bit of tweaking on it.
  16. Sum­ner Stone talked to Misha Be­let­sky about type tech­niques, life, work, teach­ing and his plans.
  17. Safe Harbor Logo

    Dear Typography Guru - Could you please help me figure out the fonts for the Safe harbor Development Logo? Your help is much appreciated. Thank you! Susan
  18. Looking for font for this gather sign

    As a public service: there are more samples.
  19. A good match for most of the letters (except for the exit strokes), but too light, could be Gatsby FLF:
  20. Hi All, Looking for the font name for this humble and kind sign. Thanks so much!
  21. Hi All, does anyone know the font for this gather sign? Thanks!
  22. Look at this sample of California Grotesk. It's a better match, but the vendor sites oddly show the 'r' to be different.
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