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  2. Does anybody have an idea what font was used for "ComposTumbler"? I found Rika Bold which is close, but would need some work. Thanks for looking into this. NZ
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  4. Antiqua in the 19th Century in Germany (Book/Newspaper)

    You can use Google Books’ advanced search to find examples. Here’s one from 1851.
  5. Antiqua in the 19th Century in Germany (Book/Newspaper)

    was there nothing, really nothing printed like past 1840+ in an Antiqua ?!?
  6. Antiqua in the 19th Century in Germany (Book/Newspaper)

    Yeah, those few German classicism books in roman type were often in Prillwitz Antiqua. But that was around 1800, not the “latter half of the 19th century”.
  7. Antiqua in the 19th Century in Germany (Book/Newspaper)

    First of all I want to know Secondly earlier on Goethe had some books printed in an Antiqua (Didot --> so I wonder if like past 1850 no books (or news papers) have been printed using such a font. If so which. There are some around which could have been used (by the time they have been created). Even if I wanted to create something which would use the same font from this period of time I assume I could find something in digital form (or have to use a lead letter press) Any information is and will be highly appreciated. Kind regards, thank you and have a wonderful weekend
  8. Antiqua in the 19th Century in Germany (Book/Newspaper)

    What are you trying to achieve exactly? Do you want to recreate something in that style or are you just looking for information to be used in texts for example? Strictly speaking, the answer would be “none”, since it just wasn’t common to print book and newspapers in Roman type in Germany in the 19th century. And the typefaces the foundries did offer would often just use very generic names or numbers (like “Antiqua No. 2”) and they are usually not available as digital fonts today.
  9. Dear * I wonder which Antiqua font was commonly used in Germany during the latter half of the 19th century for printing books (or news papers). Thank you very much sws
  10. Feedback for wordmark made by a web developer

    As a reference for a modified |N|, it would probably be best to use the alternate provided with the font: Not regarding the typeface, I find the vertical alignment (or lack thereof) of |m| and |l| a bit distracting.
  11. Any ID for this font?

    O yes.. you are right, now I know what it is made of.. thanks
  12. Any ID for this font?

    That’s not a font, it’s illustration.
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  14. Designing the ultimate wayfinding typeface

    Nope. It was never made to run as a shareable standalone app. But Glyphs added the concept as preview functionality to the font editor. So that’s something I can recommend.
  15. Designing the ultimate wayfinding typeface

    Is your Legibility Tool available somewhere? I feel like I found a similar tool on the web, but I can't for the life of me find it now.
  16. Feedback for wordmark made by a web developer

    Thank you very much for your recommendation of the Madurai font!!! It's exactly what I was looking for. I met the sister font Chennai in my quest but I thought it looked too rounded in the edges. I'm trying to redesign the 15-year-old logo of a family business which has a Windows font. Where I live people don't care about typography quality, the only thing that matters is to have flashy shapes as business identity. I'm very grateful, sir! This is what it looks like now with a custom "N": The "N" is a same font size "Sol Pro Bold" character with a vertical scale of 90%. Do you think that the "N" and the spacing look ok?
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  18. 'Bond' Magazine logo + body font?

    perfect, thank you!
  19. 'Bond' Magazine logo + body font?

    Alleyn Light, here:
  20. A magazine called Bondholder/Bond has this geometric-ish/humanist sans that i'd like to track down. any ideas?
  21. Rainbow Quest font

    Glad to hear. It's nice to have a professional helping me out.
  22. Cyma

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