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  1. Yesterday
  2. Wow, thanks so much for that Ralf! I've tested Literata before, but this is the first time I've heard of Dolly. Dolly looks fabulous!
  3. Not sure about almost identical, but what comes to mind: Underware Dolly ☞ https://www.underware.nl/fonts/dolly/ Type Together Literata ☞ https://www.type-together.com/literata-font
  4. I really like the look of Amazon's Bookerly font which they use for their ebooks and previews. I find that it has a modern casual feel compared to other fonts such as Minion which feels more archaic and serious. I also like the larger x-height of Bookerly. Unfortunately, it's not optimized for print, and it's also exclusive to Amazon only. So I wonder, is there a print-optimized font that is almost identical to Bookerly that we can buy? I attached an image showing a comparison of Minion (top) versus Bookerly (bottom). Kind regards, Alan
  5. Hi all, I'd like to ask if anyone recognises the font used for the chapter/header text of 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***" by Mark Manson, Australian version, ISBN: 978-1-76055-877-2, published by Pan Macmillan Australia. It works really well as a header due to it being quite narrow. You can also see a high-resolution original scan here. I've attached a scan below. Thanks in advance! Alan
  6. Last week
  7. Looking to ID this beautifully modern sans serif for a recent logo redesign of the Episcopal Church digital subscription service for youth development here. The font may be inspired by Franklin Gothic. I can't identify it, but I've a feeling @MissNobody will.
  8. Thanks for commenting - My last day there yesterday, I had planned to get some sneak pics - photography is banned - but were were in deliberation for over 5 hours and there was only security left. Morris' Golden families are closer than Kelmscott because the RCJ has a pronounced, ornate broken cross apex on the uppercase W. Other notable caps are N and B, there is a sign designating a room as "BBC Studio" and the fancy Bs next to relativly normal C could not have been predicted in the 1870s, but might have influenced the design. The type is easily differentiated from the simplicity of William Morris or Emery Walker but still seems related. Looking into it further, I also wonder why Street did not go for a more Gothic design given his passion for Gothic revival is realised in this building. As for use - most signs are either printed on ceramic or plastic tiles - inserted into wooden slots on A2-A1 sized boards - reminicent of church hymn number boards, but mounted atop on wooden stands. These might be recent but appear to be old or restored. Some are printed on paper and stuck on notice boards. The Royal Courts of Justice are open to the public and free to enter Mon-Fri 9-4.30.
  9. Affinity is slowly becoming the graphic design powerhouse that we long for it to be. We need true vector brushes, a decent image trace feature and preferably support for plugins like Astute and FontSelf, but you could switch today and live a happy, productive life as a designer as it is. It plays very nice with Glyphs 3, for instance.
  10. I feel that “To design this typeface, we broke free from traditional typographic constraints and merged elements from a variety of font styles” is a bit of a mouthful for a pretty standard sans serif with a modest level of personality. They didn’t exactly reinvent the wheel with this.
  11. “Today we are introducing our new bespoke typeface: Spotify Mix. Spotify Mix replaces the current font used in our in-app and desktop experiences.”
  12. You’re now able to use variable fonts in all Affinity apps. In addition, the typography dialog was converted from a pop-up into a panel so you can easily dock it.
  13. I can't find any legit source. If you google 'ComputerNarrow', you'll find it.
  14. That looks like it. Thank you, MissNobody. 👍 Do you have a link to its website?
  15. I see no sign that this is typeset. It looks (at least partially, but more likely fully) hand-drawn. Fonts cannot create such results. Not even color fonts.
  16. BLOOM SHEFFIELD appears to be set in Value Sans Bold. Community Garden for Women is set in FF Super Grotesk, with the tittle over the i turned 90 degrees. Too heavy for regular weight but lighter than the medium weight, so I'm guessing they added a stroke to the regular weight.
  17. I need to create some artwork using this logo but I only have a PNG of the original, so I need to remake it. Font ninja is telling me it's Futura but that doesn't seem like a perfect match. Thank you so much!
  18. Trying to help out a friend who is helping out their friend on designing this logo. I am almost positive I've seen the font before and it is a free font but I've been searching for a bit to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Morris is the best I can find as well. The 'T' seems a bit out of place. If you look closely at 'o's they're similar, but not identical. So this might be originally hand-painted.
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