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  2. Inspired by heavy metal logos, 1980s role-playing games, and maybe dragons and dusty, leather-bound books, Dragönsteel is our take on a modern-ish blackletter typeface.
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  4. Thank you so much!! I’ve been looking for hours
  5. The font was used for the monthly posters of the ISC Club. You can look at them here: https://www.johnsonkingston.ch/index.php?p=fumetto-2023 Best it would be to get the exact font. But im also happy for every hint to a similar geometric grotesk font with some sharp cornered letters. this gives the font a bit of a cyrillic look, whitch i really like.
  6. That looks like it! Thank you. And, no, the crosshairs are not part of it. I should have mentioned that.
  7. Thank you so much - excited to learn this information. Thanks for taking the time to help.
  8. Safe to assume that the crosshairs are not part of the font? If not, Arista Pro (free for personal use only) seems a likely match.
  9. According to this source, the original name was Calligraph (double l) Initials by American Type Founders (ATF) and released in 1941, though I don’t trust that date. Here is a printed sample (date unknown) from Letterform Archive.
  10. I used this font in Photoshop last year but my Win 7 up and died and my new Win 10 won't load my old copy of PS CS2. The image is lower case p and d merged together. The ends of the letters are rounded. I'd appreciate any help in identifying it so I can find/add it to Photopea.
  11. UPDATE - I did identify the smaller font as "Cheesecakery Regular" but still trying to determine what the font is for the name, Emily.
  12. Found it in Dan X. Solo’s The Solotype Catalog of 4,147 Display Typefaces as “Caligraph (Dundee) Initials,” aka Dundee and Dieter Caps. Also found a reference and sample of Caligraph Initials here. Unfortunately, no luck identifying a foundry or designer yet, but it did appear to be available in metal and eventually phototype, so it was popular for a time.
  13. Thank you Kevin Thompson very much - this is also helpful. I do hope to locate the original name of this font - if possible its designer and foundry - if anyone happens to know more about its history. Thank you again.
  14. Thanks for sharing, John R C. I hadn't heard of it before, and didn’t realize how groundbreaking it was when it was released in 1993.
  15. It appears to be Pascal, designed by José Mendoza y Almeida and based on an engraving alphabet created by his father. More about the typeface. EDIT: MissNobody beat me to the punch....
  16. This book was published by Editorial Galaxia, in 1975, in Galicia. I thought it might be Optima or Peignot, but that 'Q'... Thank you
  17. Incremental transfer allows web clients to load only the portions of the font they actually need which speeds up font loads and reduces data transfer needed to load the fonts.
  18. That's a super cute font as well. Thanks for sharing.
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