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  1. Yesterday
  2. ANSWERED Font on car (Colma Police)

    Not 100% sure, but probably a typical font like Helvetica, stretched and slanted. download at MyFonts
  3. Do you happen to know what font POLICE is in also? Thanks
  4. ANSWERED Fonts used in Victoria's Secret

    It shares some similarities. Among them, the use of small caps in place of the lower case: download at MyFonts
  5. Arabic Typeface from Udemy Course

    Arabic is unique and dynamic. It is more challenging than climbing Everest. https://typography.guru/forums/topic/74-iltclimbing-everes So, I suggest making use of our unique tool, the what and how of which is explained in the attachments. http://maryamsoft.com/product/fontshop/main/wm_naskh-qurani-93-htm Do you make use of Telegram? Then , the following link might be of help. https://t.me/FonJawi Happy exploring QB-Arabic.pdf QB-English.pdf
  6. ANSWERED Fonts used in Victoria's Secret

    Thank you! It seems to me like Trajan or related to Trajan-fonts, it is not?
  7. ANSWERED Font on car (Colma Police)

    A style of Handel Gothic. Probably stretched horizontally. download at MyFonts
  8. Anyone know what font the word Colma is in? Thank you
  9. A Scotch Modern, probably this one. download at MyFonts
  10. Looking for some help identifying this font used for the "Boris Godunow" opera by Modest Mussorgsky. Much Thanks in advance!
  11. Last week
  12. 20 Fairy Tale Fonts

    Abendschroth: download at MyFonts
  13. 20 Fairy Tale Fonts

    Which font is used in the title?
  14. Cosmopolitan Script Bold https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/fenotype/cosmopolitan/
  15. Does anyone know what the font used for the words "around this table" is? Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)
  16. ANSWERED What font is this Chevy SS/super sport logo?

    Thank you, easy enough to scale height on plasmacam program, you've saved me hours of cleanup!
  17. These are images from the newly released Holiday Collection packaging from Kylie Cosmetics, and one of my clients fell in love with the "handwritten" font. I'm looking for a digital version. Commercial fonts are fine.
  18. ANSWERED What font is this Chevy SS/super sport logo?

    Looking at the |R|, it could be a badly stretched Helvetica.
  19. Arts And Crafts: download at MyFonts
  20. Most likely a free download based on client. It's in a hair salon in Ks.. needing to reproduce after I paint the walls. Built and designed in 2009. Thank you in advance!
  21. ANSWERED Fonts used in Victoria's Secret

    Mucca Design was responsible for the current logo: http://mucca.com/case-studies/victorias-secret/
  22. ANSWERED Fonts used in Victoria's Secret

    The logotype face is custom. I’ve found sources that claim it is the work of Font Bureau, but haven't been able to verify it. As an alternate, try Berling or Arno Display Regular. CRUSH appears to be Ten Till Bold.
  23. Angilla Tattoo (free for personal use only).
  24. Hello, everyone! I need help for another font identification related to my paper in university. There are two fonts appeared here, 1. Victoria's Secret 2. Crush Thanks in Advance! This is very helping me through college life :)
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