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  2. Riccardo Sartori

    answered David Jones Catalogue fonts

    Knockout and Berlingske Serif.
  3. Ralf Herrmann

    The Lost Art of Paste-Up

    Arranging and rearranging a magazine’s layout before it goes to press is all done on computers now. But in the years before desktop publishing software, the work of cutting and pasting required a sharp scalpel, a parallel-motion board and plenty of glue.
  4. Ralf Herrmann

    LC Gianluca by ctch foundry

  5. Ralf Herrmann

    Askan by Hoftype

  6. Hi - anyone know the names of these 2 fonts - seen in the latest `Mr Jones' catalogue by Australian department store - David Jones? Help appreciated
  7. Yesterday
  8. Thank you so much; you're a life-saver. And I can't believe how quickly you found it!
  9. Last week
  10. That is a fair and good thing to do but I suspect not needed legally.
  11. I sent an email to the folks at Letterbox, for whom Heather Walker did the digitization. They said they had concluded that a commercial release would require permission of Wayne’s estate (he died in 2011); they might consider publishing the design if that could be achieved.
  12. It is a typeface that, I think, should have a commercial revival, as it is quite distinctive.
  13. Apparently custom for the City of Melbourne.
  14. Ralf Herrmann


    A reversed contrast font by Alfonso García for Los Andes.
  15. Ralf Herrmann

    Olivetta by Los Andes

  16. Ralf Herrmann

    PF Marlet by Parachute Type Foundry

  17. Confirming that it is Stettler, with a sample of the glyph set. And I was wrong that it has never received a digital revival—Heather Walker appears to have revived it, but I’m not sure if it is available for purchase.
  18. I think it may be Stettler, by Wayne Stettler, and it has not been digitized. Referenced here by Stephen Coles in a discussion of Clasica Sans.
  19. Because we would have probably found it by now if it were. 😉 It might be worth to ask the designer of Classica Sans where the inspiration came from. I think there is a very good chance it is based on the phototypesetting font used for the books.
  20. Good alternative! Better than the one I found (Quinta Light)... Why don't you think that it has been digitalized?
  21. A glyphic design with some distinctive lowercase letters (|f|g|t|) and very round counters. After extensive research, I haven’t found a match. Whatever it is, it doesn’t seem to have been transitioned to digital. A possible, less quirky, alternative could be the fairly recent (2015) Clasica Sans. download at MyFonts
  22. Ahhhhh! I should have known that! I knew it was one I had seen/used before. Thanks, Les!
  23. I can confirm Blair Medium is correct.
  24. yeah, some of the letters reminds me of either Metro or Peignot.
  25. Update: I have tentatively Identified "REIS" as Blair ITC Medium
  26. I am looking for the fonts in the body of this logo. I have identified the "R" (Persimmon) I am not able to locate the fonts used in "REIS" - There are so many similar, I am having trouble narrowing it down and "REAL ESTATE & CO., INC" - The "N" "S" and "&" are so distinctive, I was sure an automated font matcher would have found it, but no luck Thanks so much Link to use: https://reishomesearch.com/
  27. I have looked at similar fonts URW Classico, Optima etc close but no cigar.
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