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  2. The cut-off letters (assuming it related to ascenders and/or descenders) is a very typical problem. You need to improve your font metrics. Here is a guide: http://kltf.de/downloads/FontMetrics-kltf.pdf Not sure about the kerning. “Jacked up” can mean anything. We would need a better description to narrow down the problem. P.S. I moved the topic to the Type Design Club.
  3. I have two fonts I had to generate with Fontographer to have both .ttf and .otf. They install and work fine on my Mac and Pages, but my client says that Microsoft Word (used on mac) has cut off parts of the lettering and jacked up all the kerning. I'm in the process of installing MS Word to try to see for myself what is going on, but as far as how to fix it is another thing. Does anyone have any suggestions/solutions or even just familiarity with what I'm talking about?
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  5. "Empire of Signs" font idenitification

    That's great! Thank you!
  6. "Empire of Signs" font idenitification

    It is a Caslon Italic with Swash but I wasn't able to identify the vendor. MyFonts has a version but there are differences (and in my view isn't that close but it may work for you), here: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/lanston/ltc-caslon/swash/
  7. Hello, I have a client who would like a wordmark designed based on the titles used in Roland Barthes book "Empire of Signs". I'm stumped, any help?
  8. With new additions regarding variable fonts and color fonts.
  9. Last week
  10. What is this calligraphy style font?

    thank you :)
  11. The machine has been restored by its owner and is ready for use. It has not been used since its renovation. It is painted with two types of graphite paint: matte and gloss. Technical data: print format 175 x 260 mm (ideal for printing business cards and invitations) adjustable inkwell 3 metal rollers and 3 rubber rollers (two rubbing rollers) driven by 400V electric motor or foot pedal. original motor Siemens Industria Electrica S.A. Spain. dimensions: (l) 100 x (h) 140 x (w) 70 cm. weight about 200 kg. The machine is compact and very comfortable to use. Installed rollers for moving. The machine marked with original signatures. The machine is located in Poland. Transport and installation are possible. http://www.aepm.eu/machines/spanish-built-vertical-platen-press/
  12. Original Design Company shut down!

    Hi Kevin - wow absolutely spot on! Worked out perfectly, had to jig the sub header around a little but I got it 99.975% right - thanks so much for your help! Ronan komb professional hairdressing.pdf
  13. St. Bride Library online catalogue

    Good to know - thanks for the heads up
  14. … and Palatino. Edit: Okay – just recognized that this was not the question.
  15. ATypI registration is now open

    “Get your ticket for the four-day conference, and check out the amazing workshops that we have this year. The full program is published, and we are getting excited for this celebration of our 60th anniversary!”
  16. “With this fabulous font bundle, you'll get 109 typefaces in 75 unique font families, for 1 low price. With so much variety, you can work with virtually any client of yours, as well as pick up new ones.”
  17. That’s Vivaldi. download at MyFonts
  18. http://www.florida-dermatology.com/about-us/ I can't seem to figure out what Script "Martin" is in. If you can help me Thankyou!
  19. “Juan Bruce’s mature serif family, Noort, is an information architect’s dream. The designer’s complex job of layering information and stylistic design choices can be balanced by Noort’s easily-read nature and analogue details.”
  20. Yes, you are correct! Horizon & Harvard would work also, thank you!
  21. Filmotype was notorious for naming different weights (or, like in this case, widths) of the same typeface with different names (but with the same initial). A practice that has been carried on in the digital versions too.
  22. Original Design Company shut down!

    As far as I know, Geneva was never a Windows system font.
  23. Original Design Company shut down!

    Komb and the subhead appear to be Geneva, a Mac OS and Windows system font,
  24. Goudy Bold; at least, a sign company's version. Widely available.
  25. I think you’re on the right track. It does appear to be a Filmotype face, but perhaps Horizon or Harvard?
  26. Found it! https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/filmotype/havana/
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