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  2. Please help my sons baseball team (Tribe)

    Custom (the T, rounding over the top of the b), but based on Monotype Script. More closely resembles Nick Curtis's interpretation of the same typeface, called Buffalo Nickel, but I can't find a reputable download site for it....
  3. What font is this please and thank you
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  5. What font is this? (Building lives)

    Thank you Riccardo!
  6. Animated Bézier Curves

  7. Font Map

  8. What font is this? (Building lives)

    Qarmic Sans.
  9. Maybe impossible task...

    Thanks. I'm a calligrapher and all letterforms fascinate me, but am not into typography enough to understand the parameters that make a good font. I just can't figure out where these letters came from, and I've scrolled through pages and pages of images now with no luck. :(
  10. Maybe impossible task...

    I cannot imagine that ever being a font. Most likely art.
  11. It's not FUTURA, but it's close...

    As it turns out- the designer used Futura for the initials and a derivative font "Adam" for the body...
  12. Maybe impossible task...

    I don't think this is a typical question for this forum, but please...I'm becoming desperate. A couple of years ago I came across this gorgeous art deco alphabet through a Google search. I was working on a personal project, an altered dictionary, and I used the alphabet as inspiration for a page, hand-drawing the letters (see image). The project is entirely personal. At the time I thought I had marked the alphabet for later reference, but I apparently forgot. Today, I can't say whether the original was a computer font, hand-drawn work, free, purchaseable, or anything. Both images are of my own hand-drawn letters. The B&W drawing was quickly done but shows the style of the original more clearly than the actual artwork. It's a very distinctive set of letters. I'm hoping someone here who loves typography and fonts will recognize it and be able to tell me what it is. I can't make use of it anywhere else--I don't even feel comfortable developing a derivative alphabet--until I can find it again and identify its designer/copyright status. And obviously, should I ever want to display the altered book (no plans or even inklings of plans at this point) I'd need to be sure I wasn't in breach first.
  13. What font is this? (Building lives)

    It's the slogan for a company named Shopworks that we are working with. This is the only file they have and I have to recreate it in order to have a high res file for production (t-shirts). See attached for the original logo. Unfortunately, auto trace in Illustrator isn't able to do a clean trace because of the resolution.
  14. I see the Futura family G, but the R doesn't match... Of course, the A is probably just an Ai edit but maybe there's something out there that'll match all 3? I'm stumped.
  15. So you know this Disco-Style font?

    Wow!!! Thank you!!!
  16. What font is this? (Building lives)

    What’s the source of that image?
  17. So you know this Disco-Style font?

    It’s called Stop. download at MyFonts
  18. It would be great if you can help me out, I am searching for days! Thanks!!!
  19. Help for this font

    Lettering, not a typeface. You can perhaps find something suitable looking for "concave", or other similar keywords.
  20. Founders grotesk

    It is sold exclusively via Klim Type Foundry (Kris Sowersby) at: In addition to the main family, there are also Condensed, ExtraCondensed, Text, and Mono families
  21. Founders grotesk

    hey everyone, I'm a student at ArtCenter College of Design and I was wondering if anyone could help me find the Founders Grotesk type family. Thanks :)
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