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  2. Riccardo Sartori

    answered Kenneth Anger's Rabbit's Moon font from 1972

    It’s consistent with the contrast of the top of |e|f|. But, in general this lettering doesn’t seem to be very consistent on where it collapse the two outlines and where it leaves a narrow gap. The entire film is available on YouTube, and it seems those three are the only title cards.
  3. Greg I found "End" earlier and based some glyphs on it, the second one is new to me, it has a very different R, s, M and o. The cap M is nice but the lowercase o looks a bit out of place IMHO. If you find anymore characters let me know, I won't be committing it to a typeface for a short time. I like to sleep on it a few days.
  4. Greg Yerbury

    answered Kenneth Anger's Rabbit's Moon font from 1972

    looking around the net I was able to find two other examples in the same lettering style
  5. WOW! That's amazing! Looks beautiful. Does the rabbit come with the alphabet too? haha Amazing work, thank you so much! love Jonathan
  6. Jonnymoods here is the progress so far on Rabbit Moon typeface. I need to sleep on it a few nights then do some more tweeks. How does it look to you?
  7. The new label by Fred Smeijers and Corina Cotorobai brings back typefaces originally published with the defunct OurType label.
  8. Ralf Herrmann

    FF Quadraat no longer on the market?

    The “new OurType” is now live: https://www.typeby.com
  9. Riccardo Sartori

    answered SURFACE with a smile Logo font

    In the case of TypeShop/FontSite/SoftMaker the renaming seem to date to the “hundreds of fonts in one cheap CD-rom” era. There also are the ones renamed in the early days of digitisation, like Bitstream’s Swiss 721, Dutch 801, etc. The removal of the “Alternate cuts” feature by MyFonts is a real bummer on this regard.
  10. Ralf Herrmann

    Letterink Letterpress Design Studio

    Letterink is a letterpress studio in Milan, Italy. Isabella and Alice offer the design and print of items such as wedding invitations, stationary, greeting cards, business cards and so on.
  11. Gecko

    answered SURFACE with a smile Logo font

    I'm with you Riccardo, ONYX I'm seeing lots of typefaces turning up that I recognise from way back with new names attached to them, that I never heard of. Obviously companies are rebranding traditional typefaces and marketing them to a younger generation. The original Onyx began its life in 1937 at the American Type Founders, and the version in my personal collection comes from Monotype Typography digitised in 1997.
  12. A University of Bristol academic has succeeded where countless cryptographers, linguistics scholars and computer programs have failed—by cracking the code of the 'world's most mysterious text', the Voynich manuscript.
  13. Gizzmo

    answered SURFACE with a smile Logo font

  14. Hey, could anyone please let me know the font for 'Surface' in the attached logo?
  15. Riccardo Sartori

    answered Looking for the font for Sweetsbot

    Bungasai. And Sui Generis. download at MyFonts
  16. Hi, I am looking for the font for Sweetsbot Realtime Employee experience measurement. They use the same font for the logo attached. Can anyone identify these fonts? Thanks!
  17. Doom Ronie

    answered font of from StackShare post

    Thank you
  18. Riccardo Sartori

    answered font of from StackShare post

    Based on the |*|, I’d say it’s Menlo.
  19. Hello and thank you for comming by ! I recently saw an image and I really liked the text font. I compared it to many monospace fonts, but I am not sure if I am right. Link to the post here : I am the person who asks the same thing, but sometimes people on Twitter just treat you with seen, so I came here. Here is the image:
  20. It could well be lettering, inspired by the works of Reynolds Stone.
  21. I think this is highly manipulated Baskerville Italic but which one I can't tell. I think the h though might be from a different font.
  22. Particularly the gothic style, flourishes and twists around it etc.
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