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  2. Ayden

    need help identifying "BOTEAGA" logo font

    @R::bert @Ralf Herrmann Got it. Thanks guys! 🙏
  3. Yesterday
  4. Kevin Thompson

    Term for cursive "r" used in America?

    In old, handwritten manuscripts, the lowercase r existed in various forms, depending on whether it started or ended a word and the letters to which it connected. The Palmer Method (late 19th/early 20th century) of teaching handwriting in the US taught both styles (as is still the case in many other countries), but when it was supplanted by the Zaner-Bloser method in the 1950s and the D'Nealian method in the 1970s, only the bottom-connecting style of r survived. My parents were taught the Palmer Method, I was taught Zaner-Bloser. I’ve always thought of the two styles as top- or middle-connecting and bottom-connecting, but there doesn’t seem to be a formal name for them.
  5. Kevin Thompson

    Looking for font used by youth ice hockey team

    Not finding a match either. I even straightened it out and searched on that version, with no luck. Sunday Clarendon Bold Italic is similar (just stretch it out a bit and maybe add a stroke to beef it up).
  6. Last week
  7. DarkDot

    Looking for font used by local village (Garden City)

    Just wanted to say thank you for the help this was close enough for my needs, this can be closed!!
  8. Of course it will also depend on the user interface offered by the software (I know, not the best track record overall in this regard). I imagine that the |I| and |B| buttons in Office or in the various WYSIWYG (web) text editors will not go away anytime soon, and the sliders could be added as an optional “expert” feature. So it will be up to type designers to offer sensible instances for those (and also BI, of course). Same should go for optical sizes, for example. Also for the “just a few styles” versus “a variable font with everything in it”, I don’t think they are mutually exclusive: both would be “variable” fonts, one with few fixed instances, and the other with the full range of possibilities. Ideally one could pick just the features they want, along the lines of what you can now do with Input or Universal Sans.
  9. Seventy Flares, by GemFonts
  10. Ek Aur Hindustani

    New font of Star Gold in use since February 2020

    As a matter of fact I’d written that line on Logopedia myself! However it is only an assumption, and the fonts are by no means the same. Notice the words ‘appears to be’ there. The font does have a lot of Gotham, Proxima Nova and Gilroy in it, while the lowercase, especially that single-storeyed ‘a’ and double-storeyed ‘g’, is reminiscent of Tarzana.
  11. You guys are AMAZING. Seriously- I appreciate you SO much. Its so odd to me that they mix matched stuff, which is why its been SO difficult to identify. Thank you!!
  12. Trying to identify the font used in BTS - "Map of the soul" and "7". I can't seem to find the exact font used in these. Link for further reference https://ibighit.com/bts/eng/ Would appreciate if you could help me find the original font or alternatives are okay as well. Thank you in advance!
  13. “This tutorial explains how to add Polytonic characters to an existing Monotonic Greek typeface. In terms of the Google Fonts Glyph Sets/Greek/defined in 2017, we explain how to extend a Greek Core set into Greek Plus set.”
  14. “Learn the history and techniques of hand lettering from a renowned design studio. This practical and visual guide features exercises, case studies, and typographic models for letter styles such as serif, sans serif, brush, and script.”
  15. Thank you so much!! I'd been looking forever!!
  16. “Mass-Driver™ is an independent type foundry and design studio, established in 2020 by UK-born type designer Rutherford Craze. We produce high quality retail fonts.”
  17. swiwi

    Bar Logo Font (Pot Still)

    Thank you! Will have a look at Nimbus.
  18. Thank you so much, you're a star! This website has helped me out twice this week & within minutes of posting... Amazing!
  19. Ralf Herrmann

    LFT Arnoldo by Type Together

  20. “MyFonts’ new iOS App gives you easy access to more than 50 free, high-quality fonts on any iOS device running iOS 13 or higher. Installing fonts is simple and quick, and they can be used within design and creative programs to enhance your creativity and produce beautiful documents right from your iOS device.”
  21. Kevin Thompson

    answered Tántalo Hotel logo font?

    Agree with Riccardo on the lettering call. Vaguely similar: TF The Fest Regular
  22. SpiderByte

    answered The Overland Train Australia

    Thank you for adding clarity...much appreciated.
  23. Riccardo Sartori

    Your Typophile Account on Typography.Guru

    Interestingly enough, but probably unsurprisingly, once the accounts are merged, they disappear from the list of Typophile members.
  24. Ralf Herrmann

    Mondo by Untype

  25. Ralf Herrmann

    Something New from the Typophile Forum?

    Update: So I brought over around 25,000 Typophile posts from around 2000 users. The import script worked quite good: Example. You can go to the end of our Talk forum to see many of the imported topics. https://typography.guru/forums/forum/2-talk/page/60/ However, there was actually much less content indexed on the Wayback Machine than I originally thought. The forum pagination suggested lots of content, but since the Wayback Machine is built around snapshots, different pages would just return the same content over and over again and much of the content was completely unavailable. So without access to the original database, bringing most of the content over here isn’t really possible. In addition, while trying to go through each topic, I noticed how little permanent value there was in most of the old Typophile topics. So in the end I focused on actual discussions and questions which might come up again in the future and so I only selected specific topics for the import. Most of the topics are from the general discussion board on Typophile. Plus some from the Design board. Nothing from Build or Font ID at this time. I also brought over three special interest groups as clubs with almost all content intact. https://typography.guru/clubs/ All imported Typophile posts are regular forum posts now and so the imported content isn’t just an archive, but the discussions can actually be continued! 🙂 I will make a separate post about the option to assign your old Typophile content to your Typography.Guru account.
  26. Ralf Herrmann

    Pensum Sans by TypeMates

  27. Vicky Donachie

    answered Looking for new client's font (Fine Needlework)

    Thank you so much! I don't know how I didn't find it, I am usually pretty good at tracking fonts down! Thank you again!
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