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  2. Gecko

    Bruce Black open 508

    The lower case "w" is different in the original post, it has no ascender. Its from the bruce foundry. no. 508 Black Open The closest I see is as both Kevin Tompson and I agree (we found the same font family from different sources) "Incised Black", and I agree with Kevin - Paul Lloyd did a rather heavy-handed (very heavy) digital revival. Notice the lower case "o" and the "p" he auto traced the glyphs and missed the tops of those two letters, making them rather ugly and ungainly - an easy fix in Fontographer though. Though a cleaner version would be nice - but a timely production.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Riccardo Sartori

    10 Awesome Fontown fonts combinations

    Yes. It could be a consequence of my office's firewall, or Firefox.
  5. Greg Yerbury

    Best Fonts of 2018 on Fontspring

    Another measure of the best fonts in 2018 is Luc Devroye's web page. It probably has a broader selection as there are fonts on list not sold at Frontspring.
  6. Last week
  7. Greg Yerbury identified the font not me. \
  8. Riccardo Sartori

    Bruce Moody: Fresh Out font

    You could want to look for keywords like "brush", "ink", "Japanese ink", "Chinese ink", and perhaps, as Kevin's suggestion exemplifies, also "horror". Here a couple more suggestions for typefaces in a similar vein: download at MyFonts download at MyFonts
  9. Riccardo Sartori

    Stop Sign Font

    To clarify: there is no need to have a font to write STOP on a sign. All is needed, as seen in your sample, are 12 quarter-circle arcs and some straight blocks. There are digital typefaces that mimic this kind of construction, and you can make one yourself, but the letters on the sign were almost certainly built, not designed. The reason why Bebas looks similar is because it’s based on Alternate Gothic, which, not unlike DIN, draws inspiration from this kind of engineered lettering, but then adds typographic improvements like the spline of |S|.
  10. Riccardo Sartori

    Speculative glyph design

    @Andre Simard typedesign Good point about most currencies using signs based on uppercase letters, which would help distinguish a cent (¢) from a colón (₡), for example, but it’s not always the case (pun intended). The fact that they are mostly used with numbers, however, doesn’t hold for me. For one, there are plenty of lowercase based signs and symbols used with numbers, and because of that they could be easier to distinguish from the surrounding figures. Also, my design has an ascender, so it would sit against lining numerals at least as well as the Turkish lira sign does. Lastly, a |B| with just one implied vertical stroke instead of the two present in the encoded sign would be a less busy design, and probably an improvement.
  11. Ralf Herrmann

    answered 'Infrarouge' Typeface

    Playfair Display: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Playfair+Display (Well at least for some users. The site has SSL issues and doesn’t render webfonts for me.)
  12. Riccardo Sartori


    Speaking of alternates, Vinatage with alternate |E|H| (not shown below) is a better match than Noir for the |B|. download at MyFonts Also similar, from the same foundry, Empire.
  13. Earlier
  14. Elli

    RST motorsport font

  15. “Coming to Android this year: a third gender option for emojis such as Police Officer, Zombie, Person Facepalming, Construction Worker and People With Bunny Ears.”
  16. Ralf Herrmann

    answered DREAMER Tee (Elizabeth and James)

    Verdana? download at MyFonts
  17. Belstar

    answered 'Love' cursive script

    Yes I realised once I'd posted I had already shortlisted Learning Curve. You're spot on 🙂
  18. Belstar

    answered New York poster font

    Yes very similar just seems a little lighter weight, but I can adjust to suit. Thank you!
  19. Greg Yerbury

    Lombardic lettering on 19th Century tomb

    It might work using the letters from one and the numerals from the other. Thanks.
  20. Ralf Herrmann

    Inclosed Letterpress Co.

    Inclosed Letterpress Co. is a letterpress and paper goods shop located in the heart of the Midwest of the USA. Inspired by her parents entrepreneurial spirit and inheriting her dad’s love for design and printing, Lesley Pick created Inclosed in 2006.
  21. Twentieth Century could have been a source of inspiration for the lettering.
  22. some of the fonts by Nicky Latz might work but there are lots of designers who do this kind of work
  23. “She studied type with Jan Tschichold and design with László Moholy-Nagy + Herbert Bayer—so why have we never heard of her?”
  24. I don't know how you managed to find it but yes, it is called Trash and doing a bit of research I found it belongs to Brutatype http://brutatypes.com/ Thank you so much!
  25. Thank you Riccardo! I will explore Caslon for this now.
  26. Greg Yerbury

    answered Thirsty Tree logo font

    Almost disappointed it wasn't Thirsty script.
  27. shakti

    60s guitar Hiwatt amp faceplate font

    Actually that was really helpful - I had not accurately identified the font used for the "Custom Hiwatt 100" text, but it does look like Microgramma!
  28. Ignacio

    Italy Square Slab Serif Italic Typeface Name?

    There you have a nice T-Shirt Riccardo 😊
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