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  2. 100 Years of Herb Lubalin

    “100 things over 100 days to celebrate Lubalin’s Centenary. Items selected from the Lubalin archive that surprise and delight, stories from past collaborators and current appreciators, all to celebrate the legacy he left in design.”
  3. HMML School: Learn About Manuscripts

    The “school” is a section of the website of the Hill Museum & Manuscript library. It teaches about scripts and manuscripts, introducing learners to the sciences of paleography and codicology. Under the Scripts and Manuscripts headings, one can choose a manuscript culture and follow the development of scripts through the centuries. Lessons include simple exercises to help one grasp important concepts. Lessons on Latin Scripts do not necessarily require a knowledge of Latin. Transcribing Manuscripts offers a chance to practice reading the scripts covered in the Scripts and Manuscripts lessons. Each transcription exercise includes an answer key. The lessons in Transcribing Latin or Syriac Manuscripts assume a knowledge of Latin or Syriac respectively.
  4. On Dafont.com try 'Carnivalee Freakshow', as Kevin Thompson said - there are plenty free typefaces under the Western category that are pretty close.
  5. Last week
  6. Wow, thank you very much for your help, how do you do to identify a font? you are amazing :)
  7. Atco Record Label font ID

    Everything is very similar to 'Futura', until as Riccardo pointed out you get to the (g) in Ager. Also take a look at the typeface 'Nobel'.
  8. New restaurant opening in Atlanta.
  9. All Eyes on Type

    12-13 may 2018 Worm, Rotterdam All Eyes on Type is back! The annual typography and calligraphy festival that is all about creating letters. Expect two days full of drawing & writing letters, fooling around with brushes, masterclasses by international typekings, calligraphy workshops for beginners, lectures, exhibitions, murals, performances, sketchbooks, jam sessions and much, much more! Of course, you can get a beer or two in and talk to your heroes, too! Letter fanatics: you better be there. Or be a poorly drawn square. https://alleyesontype.com
  10. The specimen is 10 pt and the results were not as good as I would want. I will do photos on it; will be a little more time.
  11. IBM Plex™ is an international typeface family designed by Mike Abbink, IBM BX&D, in collaboration with Bold Monday, an independent Dutch type foundry.
  12. Granja Grafica: Letterpress & Design

    Granja Grafica is a letterpress studio in Barcelona that was founded in 2012. It is run by a Spanish letterpress printer and an Argentinian graphic designer that met by chance in Tokyo back in 2006. It was Gaby’s last day in the city and Elies’ first one, but during dinner they found many things in common and started a long distance hand lettered friendship for a couple of years. In 2008 they decided to shorten the distances and Gaby moved to Spain. After a year of adaptation, the idea of Granja Grafica took shape.
  13. Cyma

    download at MyFonts
  14. The above two (2) issues have been added here https://github.com/bBoxType/FiraGO/issues
  15. “Zesta is a family of high-contrast serif fonts, intended for use in display typography. Their design is modern, or ‘Didone’ in style, meaning that its letterforms look like those used in France during the revolutionary, imperial, and restoration eras (late-1700s/early-1800s).”
  16. Cinzel Decorative https://www.whatfontis.com/?s3
  17. Fonts from the postgraduate course in type design at the École supérieure d'art et de design d'Amiens.
  18. The site is designed and built by Nick Sherman with support from Adobe Typekit and assistance from Chris Lewis and David Jonathan Ross.
  19. “We worked with Jonathan Hoefler at Hoefler & Co. to bring you some modern coinages as historic catchwords.”
  20. Font ID for Diploma

    How so? Which part? Serious question. I did not claim or suggest you were trying to fake something. I merely pointed out the fact that others told me they considered the post suspicious. Pointing out a fact is rude? Asking you to provide more details—as required by our forum rules—is rude or inappropriate? Or what is it? Correct. Not sure why you mention that though. The above image showing a Master of Computer and Information Technology isn’t from the 1700s obviously.
  21. ANSWERED Octopath Traveller videogame font

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