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  2. thomas gravemaker


    Here again, 'sluitijzer' is not the proper term, but 'kooi' is, the 'kooien' are being tightened with the 'kooisleutel'.
  3. thomas gravemaker


    We don't call them 'patrijs' in Dutch, but 'stempel' and the person who cuts the punches, is called a 'stempelsnijder'.
  4. thomas gravemaker

    Petite caps

    'Kleinkapitalen' in Dutch
  5. thomas gravemaker


    Actually, 'wit' would be better here, 'gerief' indicates spaces from 6 point up. The 'geriefkast' is a typecase holding spaces and quads from 6 to 36 point. In Germany you've got 'Leiste' to hold those spaces.
  6. Today
  7. thomas gravemaker

    Composing rule

    'Zetlijnen' in Dutch
  8. Yesterday
  9. Wow, thanks for the info and leads guys!
  10. Henrik Burman

    answered What adobe font is this? (balans tcm)

    That was my conclusion as well, tx for the input.
  11. George Thomas

    answered German foundry font

    Thanks Ralf. Do you happen to know the time in which it was released? ::edit:: Never mind; I found the information on it. Designed by Albert Christoph Auspurg b. Frankfurt am Main, 1868, d. Leipzig, 1943. Ludwig&Mayer: Aristokrat (1912),
  12. Riccardo Sartori

    Serif [anatomy]

    I’d say no, because I don’t think descending in the rabbit hole of serifs classification would be especially useful here.
  13. Ralf Herrmann

    Serif [classification]

    Serif is a font classification category, which includes fonts having serifs (i.e. small strokes regularly attached to the end of a larger strokes).
  14. Last week
  15. “We are proud to announce the 2nd edition of our Type@Paris scholarship. You must identify as female and live outside the US, Canada, or EU to apply for a chance to attend Type@Paris 2020 tuition free.”
  16. The "Secret Organization" text appears to be Mattox Shuler's "Gin". The elongated capitals in "Introduction by Neil Patrick Harris" appear to be Shuler's "Bourbon" but his have no swash elements. One of the "The" catchwords is letter Q in HWT Catchwords
  17. dajare

    Best fonts for academic papers/writing

    I suppose this list could be extended ad infinitum (or perhaps even ad nauseam), but these options (applicable especially in Linguistics work, or anything that stress-tests Latin Extended, Additional, etc. ranges) should be welcome additions here (and all “free” of one kind or another): Alegreya ht :: Huerta Tipográfica EB Garamond Linguistics Pro | which is based on Slimbach’s Utopia Vollkorn Typeface
  18. Ralf Herrmann

    Matina Informal by Trine Rask

  19. Ralf Herrmann

    Nitida by DSType Foundry

  20. Ralf Herrmann

    Allrounder Grotesk by Moritz Kleinsorge

  21. AndyCh

    Art Text

    Art Text 3 is graphic design software for creating lettering, typography, text mockups and various text effects on Mac. Quickly and easily create works of art out of regular fonts. Create sophisticated title art for Keynote and Powerpoint presentations, logos and icons, web and social media channel graphics. Ready-made templates for 2D and 3D text graphics. Fill tools - gradient presets, textures and shading materials. Masks for adjustable shadow and glow effects. Included Graphic Content - vector icons, symbols and shapes; flash, flare, sparkle and light trace objects; and backgrounds and textures. 3D Text Materials - textures, bump map surfaces, and environment map textures. Twist, curve and bend 2D and 3D texts with preset forms.
  22. Neiliooo

    answered New brand 'Gro' script font for their assets.

    Woah you are amazing @Riccardo Sartori! Thank you 🙂
  23. Neiliooo

    answered Beautiful mix of fonts by Lauren Dickens

    Wow, that was fast! Thank you so much @Riccardo Sartori - you're a legend!
  24. ReflexBlueHorror

    Identifying unused Gothic characters

    Ah, I missed that there was link in your post. Thank you
  25. Ralf Herrmann

    HvD Crocodile by HvD Fonts

  26. Ralf Herrmann

    GT Alpina by Grilli Type

  27. Ralf Herrmann


    FontBase is a “freemium” font manager available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Some free features: Collections. Create and manage collections and explore the default ones. Activate them in a single click. Specimen Page. See all font styles on a single page, discover combinations and weights. Also: glyphs. Google Fonts: Use any font from Google's library in a single click! As if it were local. OpenType Features. The largest set of supported OpenType features of any font software at your fingertips. Glyphs. View and copy any glyph for any language and any font in your collection. Additional features like auto-activation from Adobe apps are available as a paid subscription service.
  28. Jaz F Zaher

    answered Similar Typeface Required: CANOPÉE

    https://vj-type.com/product/canopee/ You can buy it here. I just did.
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