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  1. Yesterday
  2. Font from Business Insider videos

    I guess it’s Fakt Condensed:
  3. M&S branding font

    Ah ok, had a feeling that might be the case. Thanks for finding that out Ralf.
  4. Last week
  5. Tks for the feedback Riccardo, it was really helpful your feedback. As for the font, a similar font will do the deal , it was a request from a client and Amplify will do just fine! Tks /AM
  6. What is Venom subtitle albuns font?

    Thank you! <3
  7. Mark Simonson released Proxima Soft

    Thanks, Riccardo!
  8. Backslanted

  9. Skin color Emoji coming

    I wonder if they intentionally took this kind of infinite patches route just to appear busy and justify a regular schedule of meetings…
  10. It could well be a custom graphic and not a typeface. After a cursory search, I haven’t found a match. But perhaps you could find interesting something out of this list.
  11. Type Days Ljubljana 2017

  12. My boss tells me this is papyrus....or not...

    By the way, is that the best image you have? Or it is somewhat “optimised” for automated font recognition? If the latter, next time a plain image would be better for human font recogniotion
  13. Restaurant branding font

    Brilliant, thanks very much Riccardo.
  14. Women's March

    Thank you!!!
  15. Town – a geometric Sans with 124 styles

    i signed up for this site because i saw the font "town" on twitter and love it. congrats Jason Vandenberg.
  16. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post... appreciate it saving me time. Best to you in 2017. Mahalo from Hawaii Ann
  17. please can anyone identify the font used by Marine Cowboy
  18. Sign-written Font

    Fantastic, thank you very much for your help. Matt
  19. Designing the letter Æ

  20. Futuracha Pro

  21. Earlier
  22. Scrabble tiles font - current

    Great. Thank you!
  23. Scrabble tiles font

    Incidentally, Peignot’s knock-offs may have led to the establishment of ATypI.
  24. Ex-Aid font identification

    I've tried several identification tools, but so far I have had no success. I'd appreciate it if anyone knows what font is this.
  25. Need to know the font name Please (Tangen)

    You are my magic! Solved my problem consistently! Thank you so very much!
  26. Luc Devroye’s best commercial typefaces of 2016

    My two best typefaces of 2016 are: PS Fournier Ambroise Pro
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