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  2. Fonts from a poster (Spirit … Presence)

    Amazing, Thank You.
  3. Book with collection of the most common typefaces (fonts)

    Certainly a lot better to explore typefaces. But it is from 1991 and it are only Berthold Fonts and some fonts from other libraries that where licensed by Berthold. I even think that it is set in fototype and not in digital type (correct me if I am wrong!). In 1991 Berthold was already missing the boat in digitizing their fonts for use on the Mac. The book is set by 16 professional textsetting companies and not an a PC or Mac. Some fonts I think even are never published as digital font.
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  5. Would you like to own a typographer's mould?

    Dear colleagues, In the coming months there will be a number of typographer's moulds produced in the Netherlands similar to the one in the picture. They will be working devices able to cast metal type. If you are *seriously* interested in owing a hand mould, please drop me an email at: **Please state the size of your mould in points (make please clear if they are Pica or Didot points). Thanks in advance. Ramiro Espinoza
  6. Unknown automotive font

    I bet it is a custom job by the manifacturer, not a retail font. Two possible alternatives: Handel Gothic Orbitron
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  8. Visby CF by Connary Fagen with modified "A" in KATE MAX
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  10. Similar font to replace this (Tihlde)

    I think Frutiger Condensed could work: download at MyFonts But of course there are numerous other (semi)condensed heavy sans with relatively lighter horizontals.
  11. Looked through alot of script and handwritten fonts, but cant find this font, please help me. The W and N are very unique, but still no luck, looked through payed and free fonts. But I dont think its a custom font. Thanks.
  12. Crow’s Nest Press

  13. Lola: A Novel by Melissa Scrivner Love - BODY COPY - what font is this?

    Thank you SO MUCH Kevin Thompson. x
  14. Can You Identify This Font Based on Two Letters?

    Possibly inspired by Algerian: download at MyFonts
  15. Old Orchard Press

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  17. What font is this (

    Yep, Avenir is new. Maybe they plan to update the whole site eventually, and from what I've seen, it looks great IMO.
  18. ARB Letterpress

  19. What are these "circus" fonts?

    Impressive! Thank you so much!
  20. Expedition Press

  21. Dear Riccardo Sartori! I have come across the Gable Antique already, but Webster is the better match, and the Fonts in Use is's page about the American versions is truly incredibly useful, so thank you very very much! I have also came across a font called Mephisto which an all caps revival of the same typeface (by Scriptorium), but they dont refer to any source, I have contacted them but for now, they haven't replied. Again, thank you for the info!
  22. Font Identify (Alkomex)

    Space Age.
  23. What is this Serif Font? (Wedding Blog)

    You could start perusing the entries in the directory of this very site: Educational websites Typography books
  24. I ended up using your suggestion indeed. Riccardo was right. Thanks Kevin!
  25. Dancing Letter issue in small size

    Of course, thank you for your answer, i will study it more in detail.
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