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  2. What font is this that seems like Futura?

    Probably Century Gothic. download at MyFonts download at MyFonts
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  4. Cyma

    download at MyFonts
  5. Ariana Grande Icon Font

    There is an entire genre of typefaces in this style, variously referred as “octagonal”, “varsity”, “college”, “athletic”, ”army”, etc. The fuzzy stitching doesn’t help a positive identification, but, mostly based on the |Q|, I think United Sans (Condensed or Semi Condensed) is the right one. It appears that the designer used a |l| instead of a |I|.
  6. Wouldn't you know it! After posting I immediately found it! Oy. I have over 8,000 fonts to go through, was on the "S"es and there it is. Sign Painter...of course! Someone here surely would have known that I'm sure! Thanks anyway. :)
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  8. Hand mould

  9. Ink ball

  10. Galley Proof Press

  11. Face

  12. Groove

  13. Chase

  14. Spacing material

  15. Nick

  16. En

    Sorry, in Italian, referred to metal type, is quadratino
  17. Letterpress cabinet

  18. Furniture

  19. Bodkin

  20. Galley

  21. Quoin key

  22. Quoins

  23. Color

    Great! I have added a field for Portuguese.
  24. Novo Typo Color Book

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