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  2. rampageraptor

    Editions Studio

    Editions Studio is a book- and print-making studio in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. The space is set up with four 4'x8' tables, seven printing presses, and a plethora of book art supplies. Anyone can rent studio time or attend the events and classes going on weekly. The studio has facilities for letterpress, litho, and bookmaking, among other things.
  3. “With the non-profit Type.World project I want to help facilitate the power shift from centralized font market places towards a decentralized ecosystem.” Yanone
  4. Also called 'Shelley Allegro Script' - same font, same designer - Matthew Carter (after George Shelley)
  5. Thank you very much, don't know how you found it but you're amazing that font you found with the exception of the T is spot on Thanks again
  6. Last week
  7. rampageraptor

    Signal Type Foundry releases Ballinger

    Clever typeface! I especially like the quirky [a] and how it disrupts the consistency. The subtle curves in the italic are also a nice detail, as is the treatment of the numbers like [4] and [5]. It's always a good feeling to get to use a typeface with more (read: any) personality than Helvetica or Trade Gothic.
  8. “Béziers is a vector editor for digitizing your lettering, sketches and other artwork. It’s designed with lettering artists in mind, with tools to help you trace your designs and produce smooth curves.”
  9. It is a custom typeface specific to the brand, called—appropriately enough—Mikkeller.
  10. “A comprehensive biography of the calligrapher, type designer, and typographer Hermann Zapf”
  11. That's what I was thinking. Thank you so much!!
  12. Ralf Herrmann

    The Chatty Press

    The Chatty Press is a bespoke design studio based on the north shore of Massachusetts, serving clients from Boston, New Hampshire, Maine and across the world. Jen Pepper’s specialty is wedding invitations, and event stationery.
  13. Ralf Herrmann

    Quick Brown Fox Letterpress

    Starting a printing studio has been the dream of Kate Murray since studying printmaking at Pratt Institute, where she received her BFA. After completing college and post graduate work in printmaking, she has been working in professional and commercial letterpress shops in New York City, honing her craft. When the opportunity came up to salvage and restore two presses, Quick Brown Fox was born. The design and all of the printing is done in the industrial neighborhood of Gowanus in Brooklyn, New York. Each card is printed one at a time, one color at a time, on a late 19th Century and an early 20th century letterpress. The shop is equipped with a Chandler and Price tabletop press as well as a Golding Jobber and a small foil stamping machine. Quick Brown Fox is available for custom design and printing services.
  14. Looks like 'Simple' from 'Lineto'?
  15. “Kafa was released on Nov. 6, 2018 to coincide with the US midterm elections. I cannot vote in US elections, so this typeface IS my vote.”
  16. I'm just looking for the font for 1870. It might be the same font as the KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA text below, I'm not sure. If someone identifies either, please let me know! Here's the link that the image came from: https://www.b-unlimited.com/products/ft2018-046-fall-template It's just an example of a custom design that this custom apparel company can print. The design was likely made on a computer and then screen printed onto the shirt. Not sure when the font would've been made, but the design was published recently if that helps. Looking for a digital version. Commercial fonts are fine. If there is a free alternative, that's nice, but it's not a must. Just want to know. Might want to design something else with this font.
  17. Ralf Herrmann

    Quiz: Famous People from the History of Print and Typography

    Try to recognize who is shown on 15 sketches drawn by the Spanish designer and illustrator Evelio Gómez, who published the images under the Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA 2.0.
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  19. Melchior

    Ugly fonts....which ones do you hate?

    I am not sure I made myself clear here: I am talking about Aldus Nova and Palatino Nova, from about 10 years ago. The attached file shows the original Palatino (1949), original Aldus (1953?), and Aldus Nova (2007). The proportions of original Palatino and Aldus are very similar, with two exceptions: the capitals vary in width more in Palatino (M is very wide, while E is narrow) than in Aldus, and the letters show less contrast. Aldus-Palatino Comparison.pdf
  20. Yeah, you’re right. The colour and the |4| are a better match. download at MyFonts
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