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  2. What is Dave Roelving's font?

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  4. Your favorite version of Caslon?

    Hands down GGL’s version for Berthold. download at MyFonts
  5. FontForge – Unicode point duplicates issue

    You are correct. My apologies. I meant to comment on this. A best practice (since it isn't all that uncommon to use multiple, overlapping shapes when constructing glyphs) is to remove all the overlapping regions at the time you actually generate the font file(s). That, of course, remedies situations like this. Hopefully that can be taken just as good general advice since I've made the mistake before of leaving overlapping contours in final fonts and had this very thing happen (and have it show up on my own Resumé, of all places :-\ ).
  6. Tennessee Valley Canoe Club Rebrand

    The I and V are certainly custom. So not much worth trying to find a matching font. The CC is likely a font, but pretty squished. You better start from scratch.
  7. Packaging font

    Hi, does anyone know which font is used in the packaging for these products? It's the 'LEMON MYRTLE HAND SOAP' font rather than the brand name font that i'm trying to indentify. it's from this website: and was designed by this agency: thanks for your help.
  8. Book Title Font

    I found this font on a book title. It looks interesting, but I can not identify it. Any help appreciated Earl PS: Was having trouble getting the font embedded.
  9. What's the name of this font, please?

    Hi Juanvi, that’s Antigua Progreso, issued before 1922 by Richard Gans. If you want to take a few good photos, please feel invited to contribute this in-use example to Fonts In Use.
  10. Can you help me Id this font?

    Hi! I need to id the font used in the text "DE PASEO POR LOS MUSEOS" its from a local TV show. Thank you in advance.
  11. ATypI 2017 Montreal

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  13. Unknown Font (Arctic Troops)

    Does anyone know what this font is? If you do know, can you please answer? Thanks. - Jak
  14. Which typeface is this?

    Hello Can any of you possibly recognise the sans font on these images? (Identity for Stickerei Bar in St. Gallen by Kasper-Florio) Thanks a lot, Denes
  15. Please help me finding this font of this shirt

    That's a good point! I think you are right! I've been searching for this "font" for some days but can't find anything. I think you are right, this is not a font but a lettering! Guess I will have to try my photoshop skills :) Thanks Ralf, I'm appreciated for your help!
  16. What typeface is this?

    Yes thats it! Thanks so much
  17. Whistler, BC-based hotel font

    Thanks so much Riccardo!
  18. Help identifying this font

    Both are Helvetica, just different weights.
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