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  2. What font is this, please? (finess)

    Everything but the first f (and the phone number, obviously) are Alex Brush, a Google web font. The f appears to be Candlescript Pro with a custom/beefed up crossbar.....
  3. Web Typography

    Typography is what comes between the author and the reader. This is as true on the web as it is in any other medium. If a text has anything at all significant to say, it needs a typographer’s care, which will in turn be repaid by the reader’s attention. If you design websites or use CSS then you are a typographer whether you know it or not. This book is a practical guide and companion reference to all aspects of typography on the web. It deftly combines implement­ation details with typographic theory, and is ideal for designers, developers and anyone else involved in the process of creating a website. The book is available ebook and paperback book.
  4. Which font is this, please.

    Wow... Perfect! Thank you so much!
  5. what font is this? (I look like a fool)

    As per our forum rules, can you please provide more background information about the sample(s) you provided.
  6. Geometric Display Type Design

    Interestingly, I did the letters from scratch. I drew basic geometric shapes that I've connected/joined. S and G were the biggest problems for me. When I do half circles for S, it looks like some item from a Sci-Fi movie/game, I might need to give it a second thought. For the numbers, which we don't really need actually but it would be nice to have, I've used regular font (Futura) and filled the counters and then modified the vectors a bit. I know it is lazy a bit. Maybe I can try to improve them. Thanks for the feedback Ralph, much appreciated.
  7. Go Haim Or Go Home font?

    Plaza Ultra.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Island Lodge Hotel

    https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/letters-numbers/olivier/ https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/yanone-kaffeesatz
  10. Hand-lettered, and I don't think based on a particular font. Notice the trapping too, indicative of a professional graphics person.
  11. “Pelago is a semi-formal sans-serif type family with a crisp contemporary appearance and an understated elegance that lends itself to wide range of applications, ranging from the most demanding text-based web and print communication to expressive display work.”
  12. What font is this? (White Rum)

  13. Last week
  14. Wood Type Customs

    Wood Type Customs is part of Delia and Tudor’s Petrescu Press initiative. As architectural restorers, passionate about letterpress printing, they want to preserve the history and craft of printing. The company works to recreate the tools needed in the printing process, facilitating the access for graphic designers and fine arts printers, to these necessary means.
  15. Recommendable free slab-serif type families.
  16. 1940s Ad Font

    It is similar, indeed. Many thanks. :)
  17. Help me find this font (Farmers)

    Fenway Park
  18. font identity (Aqua Pura)

    Thanks Kevin, I might be able to adapt those.
  19. Red Kangaroo

    Thank you
  20. Your favorite version of Caslon?

    I'll risk any backlash and say that for its evocative and even provocative look, my favorite display face is House Industries Benguiat Caslon. Of course the swashes must be used judiciously. It's sexy without being slutty.
  21. Difference Between ITC Serif Gothic Std & ITC Serif Gothic

    Thank you for your observations.
  22. Looks like Dharma Gothic ExtraBold Italic.
  23. Can't locate this font (Site Contractors)

    Perhaps Annonce, artificially condensed?
  24. Turkish electrical warning sign

    You're right i think, Nue Bold condensed has the same shaped O. Thank you.
  25. Number font

    Din condensed is close but I think they have added bone shapes to it
  26. “We celebrate the launch of our fonts on Fonspring with a special deal: Get the complete family packages of all our font families 50% off until the end of August 2017.”
  27. Need Help With These Fonts (Florence Falcons)

    FALCONS is set in Poplar.
  28. Word spacing collapses on google font

    Hi Ricardo, thanks for your advice, I did contact them and they advised on using a different version of the font (hind) as Hind Guntur was for Telagu language! Thanks all
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