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Identifying font(s) used in warning message in Kinder Surprise Eggs


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I am trying to identify the font (or multiple fonts) used in the warning messages found in Kinder Surprise Eggs. These appear in multiple languages but I am primarily interested in the font used in languages with Roman characters. I would also like assistance in identifying whether the other character systems use the same font as Roman characters - ie is Aremian, Georgian, Cyrillic etc in the same font as English etc?

This is not a commercial project although, if the font is publicly available I would certainly purchase it. This is for a piece of research on multilingualism that uses the Kinder Surprise Egg as a case study.

I can clarify further if needed.

Many thanks



Message sheet side 1.jpg


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Riccardo Sartori
On 8/12/2020 at 5:38 PM, KKH said:

I would also like assistance in identifying whether the other character systems use the same font as Roman characters

No they’re not.

However, early “Unicode” fonts (most notably Arial Unicode) made little effort to stylistically link different scripts.

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I checked and Helvetica World includes all the languages other than Chinese. So it would be a little strange if they use a separate font for Greek. But there is a lot of inconsistency in the sheet. The spacing is different in some of the translations

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Riccardo Sartori

I don’t think they used Helvetica World. I think they (as in the individuals tasked with the job) used whatever was at hand at the time. As for the spacing, with such narrow columns and a justified text, it’s inevitable to end up with noticeable gaps or crammed letters.

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