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Looking for the title font used on the cover of novel WE ARE OKAY by Nina LaCour

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Hi all -- I've been googling and trying different font identifiers the last hour or so, but nothing seems quite right. Can you help me ID the font used for the title in the cover of the book WE ARE OKAY by Nina LaCour? I'd like to find the exact one or something similar for use in commercial work. Happy to pay, but open to free alternatives 🙂 Thank you in advance!

If it helps, I think the title of another book here (HOLD STILL, also Nina LaCour) may also be that font?

we are okay cover.jpg

Hold Still.jpg

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Riccardo Sartori
12 hours ago, coffeefox said:

the exact one

(but different graphic effects were applied to both titles) 

12 hours ago, coffeefox said:

something similar


12 hours ago, coffeefox said:

nothing seems quite right

There are hundreds of slightly different cuts and derivatives of Futura on all ranges of prices. Not knowing what you already found and in what it “didn’t seem right”, makes it difficult to suggest alternatives.

A place to start:


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Kevin Thompson

After searching out the largest, highest resolution versions of the covers I could find, I second Ralf’s ID of Linotype Future Pro Heavy for the titles.

And for the curious, Nina LaCour is set in MVB Emmascript.

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Kevin Thompson

That’s what happens when you scroll too quickly and only look at the final graphic—sorry, Riccardo.

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Thank you, Riccardo! I had landed on Futura Demi while looking, but somehow the boldness, breadth, or both of certain letters (W, Y, A, E) was feeling off still. I hadn't even realized there were more branches of the Futura family than what came up for me (hello, I'm new here, can you tell? 😅). And thank you Kevin for a tip I'll be taking forward: always using the highest res image!

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