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Looking for the name of the typeface used for Calpis Soda (Circa 1990)


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Hi, I'm having trouble identifying this typeface used in late 80s and early 90s Japanese cola brand Calpis Soda (カルピスソーダ&コーラ). Specifically the bold lettering that reads "Calpis Soda".

Some work I did lead me slightly close. The "A" is not too dissimilar to "A" in the font "Dynamo" from Letraset. As well as the "S" being similar to the "S" in the font Heigemeir Bold from VGC.

I'm very stumped. Any help would be appreciated!


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I wouldn’t expect it to be a readily available typeface. Rather custom lettering, probably inspired by Dynamo.

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What would be the best ways to recreate it? (Just the lettering we see in those words)

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3 hours ago, mewmew said:

What would be the best ways to recreate it?

It would depend on your expertise.

I would start from Dynamo or Campora* in a vector program (like Illustrator), convert the text to outlines, and add/modify the shapes as needed, then slant the result.

* The logo appears to be in a weight between the Medium and Bold of the current digital offerings of the typeface. Campora is a remake of Dynamo that offers a better match weight-wise, but is less faithful in some details (like the bottom left curve of |S|, for example).

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Thanks for the response. Because the only source is a photo of the text warped in the perspective of a can, I decided to try eyeballing it and recreating it in Glyphs starting from Dynamo. I think you are right that the weight is probably closer to the Campora width. I'm a little worried that the width might be slightly chunkier (Its hard to tell from the source). So far I have the A and the L finished



Screen Shot 2021-07-10 at 6.27.34 PM.png

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Should I continue to post in here if I am needing a critique on the progress of recreating the letters? Or should I post in another section of the forum.

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