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Looking for the sans serif font on a business card (QR code generator)

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Hi there,

I am looking for the font on this business card. I feel like I know this font but I do not remember the name of it. Unfortunately, I could not find any higher resolution image.

Maybe it could be Computer Modern Sans but I am not sure.


Source: https://goqr.me/_Resources/Static/Packages/GoQrMe.Ui/Images/zazzle/zazzle_businesscard.png (I am not affiliated with this website)

Thanks in advance for your replies!

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Riccardo Sartori

The sample is really too small and fuzzy to determine anything for sure, other that it appears to be a geometric sans.

That said, looking at similar products over at Zazzle (as the name of the file suggests), I would say it’s most probably some version of Futura (one with a non-descending |J|).

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That's a very good suggestion. Regardless if Futura really is the original font, it does perfectly fit my needs for my little project (I want to design similar business cards).

Thank you very much!

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