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Trying to rebuild this logo I created 22 years ago (Executive round table)


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The 1st image is the font Im trying to identify. Later, I apparently rebuilt it with a thicker version of what appears to be the same font (2nd image), but I'm trying to rebuild the original - which got printed on several pieces - for my portfolio.

I have searched through all the most obvious fonts I own and not finding it. Or on findafont or identafont.  I have many 1000's of oldschool fonts on an old Mac and not able to activate them all at once. I'm sure it's a font I own, and I likely manipulated it a bit - e.g. stretching/extending parts.

If I could come up with a name... The T, R, A and B are unique.

So far I've found its similar but not equal to  Baskerville semi bold and Adobe Jenson Pro Bold




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Similar to a Broderbund typeface called Garrick Bold, but Broderbund was fond of copying fonts and renaming them.

Still trying to track down what its original name might be.

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