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Looking for name of font used in trophy engraving

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I am looking for the names of fonts used to engrave trophy plates.  These are trophies from dog shows, they're won each year by (usually) a different person, and they take the trophy home to engrave them, and return them to the annual show for the next winner.  Usually people do an OK-ish job of generally matching the font, but some have not, and people would like to have the plates match.  What would be helpful would be if we had names for the preferred/most commonly used ones so that information could be passed on to the person who will do the engraving.

I don't need the font file or anything, I'm just hoping to find the name for a few of these, which I figured it would be better to post one at a time.

I have done some looking and it is close to some Roman, Imperator and Trajan fonts, but what I am noticing as differences that set this one apart are (and I'm not a typography expert so I will probably use some wrong terms, and I apologize):

  1. The serif on the arm on the F and E (by arm I mean the stroke across the middle, and by serif I mean the mostly-vertical dealy on the end of the arm) is sort of angled from left to right and longer on below the arm than above.  If that makes sense. And the arm seems to be a bit above the vertical midpoint, although that could be an optical illusion.
  2. The middle part of the W doesn't cross itself, it comes to a single point, and goes all the way to the top - it doesn't stop below the top of the outer arms of the W.
  3. The tail (?) (downstroke, last part you make) on the R seems to have a little curve to it.

If the lady who had this engraved were still alive I would certainly ask her where she had it done; but she's not and we don't know.  Likely it was in Ohio, but that's kind of a broad territory to start calling trophy engravers.

Any help tracking this down would be much appreciated.  


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