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ID This Stationary Letterhead Font Please (Hillcrest)

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I came across a box of stationary in my attic from the previous (now deceased) owners and I would like to identify the font of the letterhead.  I have attached a picture.  This is the only example of the font that I have.   This stationary would have been created between 1942-1980.    

The papers came in a box labelled Barber-Ellis fine stationary, which was a Canadian company that is now out of business.   I did some online searching but very little information on the company came up.  I also tried uploading my picture on "What the Font" but with no luck.  

Barber-Ellis – 950 Homer Street | Changing Vancouver (wordpress.com)

I would like to identify the font, and if it is a custom font, then any suggestions of a similar commercial font would be much appreciated.  



Hillcrest_0001 (3).jpg

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Kevin Thompson

Sorry, not finding a match. It may have been hand-engraved.

If Barber-Ellis made use of master engraving plates, like the kind created by the Cronite Company, it may also have been a typeface custom to that industry. Cronite's catalog featured some typefaces that were cross-overs from traditional printing, but the vast majority of their offerings were custom to the engraved stationery world.

Vaguely similar: Afterlife BB, Bernhard Modern, Solid Antique Roman, Odette, Sackers Solid Antique Roman.

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Thanks for taking a look.  Someone else I asked suggested Solid Antique Roman as a comparable font too so that may have to do.  

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