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Cover of Spies by Michael Frayn

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We'll soon be putting out a translation of a book named Spies: it was the Book of the Year in the UK in 2002, so although I have to confess that I'd not heard of it, plenty of other people will have.

We've decided to emulate the original cover, given that it's likely to be known to people:


I've got the artwork taken care of. Although I don't know whether the title is lettering, the lack of ligatures is making me think that it's likely to be a font. Does it look familiar to any of you? If not, can you think of something which looks similar?

(The font for the author name doesn't matter. I'm not a fan of how the R has so much weight on its left, which makes it look misplaced to my eyes. We'll probably not give the name as much prominence anyway.)


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12 minutes ago, MissNobody said:

It looks like Adore.

Ah, thank you -- very prompt!


It's not quite Adore, judging by the e and final s:


but you've very helpfully set me on a little adventure hunt which has resulted in my stumbling across akaDora, which looks to be a perfect match:


Thank you, @MissNobody!


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Blimey, something new to learn!

I can see that the e in the preview is actually an alternative ... but I don't have a clue how to switch glyphs in the preview. How did you get it to display that e and s rather than the alternatives, @MissNobody?


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You can try these settings, but it doesn't always work. I have this setting by default. Only Contextual Ligatures are set.image.thumb.png.b6af86df07f193519e040ad86e632664.png

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Riccardo Sartori
34 minutes ago, Ralf Herrmann said:

Don’t trust the initial preview.

Yeah, lately MyFonts' preview is unusable if the font has alternates.


52 minutes ago, Meddysong said:

stumbling across akaDora, which looks to be a perfect match

It looks a bit wonky, and the |i| is wrong...

8 minutes ago, Meddysong said:

I don't have a clue how to switch glyphs in the preview

You can use "Add Myfonts sample" directly here:


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@MissNobody's preview on fonts.com works perfectly for me. It's a shame that the o required in the translated version looks a bit out of place but that's not necessarily an insurmountable problem.


Thank you for your generosity in sharing your time and knowledge to help me out.

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When you buy the font, you can use alternate for 'o'. Maybe there's a better one. 


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Ah, that's an obvious solution, isn't it! Let's hope I'm able to work out how to do that.

In the meantime, have another high five!

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