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Lion in Winter (1968) film poster

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Anyone have a lead on the typeface used for the Lion in Winter movie poster? Not sure if it was ever digitized. 


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Apologies if this isn't helpful, but I found a hi-res image of the poster and I'm pretty sure the title and top billings are hand-drawn.  Each letter with multiples is slightly different-- The three capital "I's", two capital "E's", three capital "N's" and two capital "T's".


To me it's hand drawn inspired by Albertus and Lydian with serifs and an uncial E.


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Thanks @cashpoor! Indeed, I don't think its ever been digitized. I was able to take a basic stab at it. I called it "Lion Headline" 😎 h/t: @Ina Saltz

Screenshot 2023-04-21 at 4.53.02 PM.png

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