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I am looking to identify this 1930s fraktur font

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This font is used on various German forms and paperwork items from the mid 1930s to early 1940s. The source is the attached document.


I have tried various fraktur fonts, but none are a close match on the 'F' or 'k'.


Any assistance is appreciated in identifying this.



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I think it is one of the instances of (halbfette) Hansa-Fraktur. You can read about its distribution on Fonts In Use: https://fontsinuse.com/typefaces/45735/hansa-fraktur


Ludwig & Mayer sold the design as Fraktur Alemannia, and in the photos of a specimen for that, you will find your D and F on its front page: https://oa.letterformarchive.org/item?workID=lfa_type_0226&targPic=lfa_type_0226_002.jpg

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