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answered Sounds Of Tehran Film Title Font

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Trying to match the title "Sounds of Tehran" which appears in a new short film found here:



Please name the font used and point me to where it can be obtained.

Looking for a digital version. Commercial fonts are fine.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Brainiac - I agree with Kevin it is so very close to Minion Pro Bold, but perhaps it has had a stroke added to increase the weight slightly in Illustrator. Another thought it could be an interpolation (now we're getting tricky) between Minion Pro Bold and Minion Std Black.

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I was able to contact the film's graphic designer and he said he used Amiri, https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Amiri 

I found I was able to emulate the sample by setting the copy in 36 pt Amiri Regular, -25 tracking, adding a 2 px stroke at 300 ppi. The distortion in the film is attributed to After Effects Displacement Map, mixed in with some Fractal Noise.

Sounds of Tehran.jpg

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