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"KEEP SMILING" 2010 Party Poison t-shirt font

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Hi! I'm looking for the font used on this t-shirt worn by Gerard Way a couple of times in photos from 2010–2011 , around/shortly after the release of My Chemical Romance's concept album "Danger Days." I've only been able to find three photos of it, and none are very high-quality or show the entire text, so I've included all three (one flipped in a photo editor, as for some reason the version online is mirrored so the text appears backwards). The original sources appear to be lost—they've been re-uploaded to pinterest and weheartit and so forth, but I can't track down the originals for the life of me, so there's no help to be found there. I'd like to use the font in a design of my own, so I need the actual file, regardless of whether or not it's free.





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Kevin Thompson

Not an exact match, but Jersey M54 is quite close.

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