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"Roswell" Opening Credits Font?

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I know for a fact this is NOT the fan-made Roswell font, because that was patterned after these credits. On the real one, the characters are slimmer and taller in some places. I've tried to find this for a long time, with no results as of yet. If anyone can help with this, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!


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On 1/27/2019 at 6:31 PM, George Thomas said:

My BFF, Google, provided me with this information:

Titles for the TV show which used the style you show above were done by yU+Co.
I suggest that if you contact them they may have records going back that far which
might reveal the information you seek. Their contact info is:

941 N. Mansfield Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038 USA
[email protected]

Good luck!


I called them a few minutes ago, and they said they'd email me with any relevant info. They also said that if it turns out the credits were done in-house, then they wouldn't be able to share any details.

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