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El Paso Anime Con Logo Upper and Lower-cased Fonts (2005-2009) - Front Identification Requested

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Dr. Kosher

This is the logo to El Paso's (now defunct) anime convention.  I requiring assistance in identifying both the lower-cased and upper-cased text in this logo.  I've tried utilizing MyFonts' WhatTheFont! feature, and posted a case on their site, with little to no success.  The same goes for "What Font Is."  I have been told that the lower cased text is something between Gill Sans MT, and Humanist 521 BT Bold, but there are subtle differences in the characters' typeface, found in the original logo and the aforementioned fonts.

With the upper-cased subtext, I've tried Gill Sans MT Condensed, and Humanist 521 BT Condensed, but have noticed subtle differences in both the characters, and when spacing the text when re-creating this logo in Adobe Illustrator.  The convention was founded in 2005, and the logo was made sometime between 2004-2005.  I've contacted the convention's organizers, via Facebook, and they no longer have the original files for the make of their logo. 

Input and identification would be greatly appreciated.


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George Thomas

I believe this is all Gill Sans Condensed MT. Try the following in Illustrator:

For epac: 72 point type, expand 182.44%; tracking, e (-110), p (-90), a (-90).

For EL PASO: 30 pt type, 52 pt word space, expand 129.12%; tracking, "EL" (-68), word space and "PASO" (-50).

For ANIME CON: 30 pt type, 12 pt word space, expand 118%; tracking, (80).

That should give you results very close to what you want. Enjoy!

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Dr. Kosher

George, thank you so much for your help, both in identifying the font (I was honestly pulling my hair out, trying to match it with Gill Sans MT Bold, and Humanist 521 BT Bold for the lower-cased lettering, and Gill Sans MT Condensed, albeit, not stretching the EL PASO ANIME CON subtext.) and suggesting I stretch out the lower and upper-cased text to fit the logo's exact design.

I've kept your instructions, saved in a text document, for future reference.

Here is my result.  I had to play around with the EL PASO ANIME CON part a little, to achieve an exact result, much like the lower-cased, "epac" header.

EPAC Logo.png

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