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Stephen French

answered Trying to identify a typeface used in the film HEREDITARY (2018)

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Stephen French

I've been trying to identify it for weeks with no luck. Looks similar to Times, aside from the squished-up bowl of the |g|. I wish I had a higher quality example to post but this screenshot is the best I could do, any help would be appreciated! 

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 5.42.16 PM.png

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George Thomas

Can you provide more detail about this, in particular the timeframe in which it was done, and where it appeared?

ETA: Never mind; I just saw it in the subject line.

While I did not find the identical font, I did find its twin, which has a few minor differences. It is heavily based on Times, and the name of the font is Happy Times at the IKOB, which was a commissioned font and released under the SIL license.

The link below has the history of the design as well as the fonts for download plus a UFO source if you want to bring it into your favorite font editor for further tweaking.


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Stephen French

Thanks so much!!

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