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Looking for the font of this Montreal Restaurant menu (Vallier Bistro)

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It does not need to have the inline but as close as any of you can get me the better. It can be a paid font. You can see the website at http://vallierbistro.com/en/

I have attached a screenshot from the website itself. It is similar to Trade Gothic but a few of the characters like the capital E are not the same. 



Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 11.53.51 AM.png

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Riccardo Sartori

I decided to give it another go, still no exact match: the sans is pretty generic, and if the the inline was added by the logo designer, there is no way to know if or how much the rest was customised.

For inline styles, the closest I found is Blanc Inline Heavy, which is a bit too heavy.

As for non inline sans, there are several that feature such a relatively short and wide counter on |R|:

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Riccardo Sartori
40 minutes ago, Greg Yerbury said:

this is Rig shaded using the inline on top of the bold face.

If it is, it was modified (especially |E| and |R|):


(Rig is orange, the original logo is purple)

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Greg Yerbury

Looking at Rig Solid Bold Inline if the extrusions were editing away then the R would be lot closer.
What ever font has been used it was edited. 

Edited by Greg Yerbury
to make sense
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Jamie Clarke Type

Hi there, I designed Rig Shaded and Rig Solid.  It's worth noting that I made a few minor alterations to Rig Solid to account for the slight spacing requirements from its predecessor. This included a refinement of the R. Well spotted!

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