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A serif font from a biographical video (CHANEL N°5)

Bùi Hưng Thịnh
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Bùi Hưng Thịnh

Hi all members, can you help me identify the font used in this picture (the hollows of the hips) please! (I can't find any fonts that has letter p with short descender like that)


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Ralf Herrmann

Thanks for your request. Unfortunately it doesn’t comply with our rules and therefore cannot be published yet. 

Problem of this topic:

  • The required information about the source of the font samples were not given or insufficient.

If you are still unsure about posting a proper font ID request, check out this FAQ page:

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Bùi Hưng Thịnh

Thank you for reminding me about the forum rules, Admin. I would like to give you further informations. I found the font when I was watching a video of Chanel name "CHANEL N°5 - For the first time - Inside CHANEL" . It appears in the video twice, at 0:25-0:31 and 1:22. The pictures used that font resemble an old books but I think it is photoshoped. That's all I know about it! 


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Riccardo Sartori

It seems that there are variations in some characters (for example |h|), and not others. My impression is that they scanned an old book and manually composed the words they needed, rather than using a font.

6 hours ago, Bùi Hưng Thịnh said:

I can't find any fonts that has letter p with short descender like that

If you aren’t interested in the distressed look, American Garamond could be an option.

For a metal printing look (but without variations, and slightly longer ascenders and descenders) there is Garamond Rough (also Pro).


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