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answered Looking for serif-font from Age of Empires Expandable Card Game (2000-2001)

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I'm looking for the exact font that was used for the texts on the cards of the 2000 Age of Empires Card Game by Journeyman Press. The attached pic has some samples. I think the brownish "Event" and "... Unit" caption are the same font as the texts below. The most fitting font I found was Garamond, but Garamond has smaller minuscules compared to the majuscules and is slightly different. I hope the numbers are in the same font and the Italic texts below are directly related to the main font. If not, I'm looking for these as well. If you need more references, you can find scans of all cards here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ek7UBjJVD3mYBuq7paiWLCgKoodT3Jlq

While I hope to find a free font that fits 100%, I'm also interested in fonts I'd need to pay for.

Any hint is appreciated! Thank you!


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When directly overlapping the texts, there are some minor differences, but it's close enough.

Thank you very much for your help!

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